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this article describe special agricultural large-scale enterprises in Asia, Africa and America.

a Plantage is a agricultural large-scale enterprise, which specialized in the production of only one product for the world market (Monokultur). Typical products for Plantagen are plants or continuous cultures of several years such as coffee, dte, cocoa, bananas, india rubber, fruit, sisal, butalso one year's plants such as Zuckerrohr. To a Plantage often aufwändige mechanisms belong in those the product are preprocessed.

Plantagen occur except in the Tropics also in mediterranen areas, like the European Mediterranean area, California and South Africa. Theirthe Plantagen experienced largest propagation in 19. Century with the emergence of the European colonial empires, when in Africa and Asia expanded Plantagen developed. Owners of the Plantagen were often foreigner, pretty often also finance companies, which let the enterprise lead by a manager. The owners and/or.their leading employees ranked among the highest social class, while the Plantagen workers to the lowest belonged.

the workers on the Plantagen were in 19. Century often slaves, for example on the cotton - and tobacco plan days of the American Southern States as well as upthe sugar piping plan days of the Karibik and Latin America, which had been gotten from Africa, since the native indianische population did not let itself be pressed into the work in the Plantagen. The Nachkömmlinge of these (released) slaves represents today a majority of the population of these regions. After slave releasebecame from the former slaves usually cheap wage workers, the conditions of work remained essentially unchanged.

In the india rubber plan days of Malaysia and the dte plan days Sri Lankas one set frequently cheap workers from India or China . After the independence of the former colonies most foreign owners of the Plantagen became expropriated and to their place native ones stepped or the state.


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