Plastics (art)

plastics (v. griech. πλαστός „“) an art form of the sculpture is formed. Plastics also formed become English as plastics. plastics designates. Sculpture against it is leaning word from latin: sculptura of sculpere „cut, engrave “.

In contrast to the sculpture,with that the work of art for instance from stone will expenditure-strike, plastics from flexible masses is modelled, for example from gypsum, clay/tone or modeling clay, which like the clay/tone does not have to be held constantly damp - or also poured (gypsum,Concrete, bronze). The transmission of the soft models by the more durable gypsum casting takes over the molder. The Plastiker supplies thus a model, whose form transfers then the stone sculptor into durable material and even if necessarily thereby increases. An alternative to thisCopying process is the execution of a model by the casting with liquid metal in the specialized bildgiesserei. Their doing over again takes over the Ziseleur.

The sculptor takes away, the Plastiker constructs. The terms sculpture and plastics become however due to thatfrom the original model synonymously uses outgoing arbeitsteiligen production processes.

A further form of the durable execution of models is the driving work. In the Greek antique one first plastics in the technology of the Sphyrelaton developed. From this technology of the cold deformation of sheet metals hasthe monumental driving work develops. One the most important Plastiker was Professor. Rudolf pure-hard (beside the sculptor Jungfer Gyula (plague, 1841. January. 9. - BP., 1908. Nov. 21.)), of many works particularly in resound i. Tirol at public placesto be visited can. A contemporary sheet metal plastics in QT-VR animation shows * [1]. It must not like the bronze casting be self-supporting, but can also by an internal Metallgerüst be carried (among other things Company Georg Ferdinand Howaldt, Braunschweig). These Metallgerüste haveto an independent art form develops.

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