Pleasantville (film)

film data
of German titles: Pleasantville - too beautiful, to be over true
original titles: Pleasantville
production country: The USA
feature year: 1998
length (PAL - DVD): 124 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 6
direction: Gary Ross
film script: Gary Ross
production: Robert J. Degus
Jon Kilik
Gary Ross
Steven Soderbergh
music: Randy Newman
camera: John Lindley
cut: William golden mountain

Pleasantville is a film of the film script author and director Gary Ross and in the year 1998 in the USA was turned.

The gradual change of the black-and-white, which typically for films of the 1950er - years is, is remarkable to the multicolored colors of the “modern” film. For the conversion of this effect, which underlines the action of the film, Michael Southard , which admits all for its co-operation at films of Woody as well as for numerous advertisements and music videos is, was jointly responsible.

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David (T. Maguire) and its sister Jennifer (R. Witherspoon) are typical dte rodents of the 1990er years. Their parents are divorced and also their relations with friends run not problem-free.

David compensates his isolation as it Pleasantville looks, a black-and-white soap opera from the 50ern. Pleasantville is a small, apparently perfect place, where the sun shines to each day and humans friendly and goes around respectfully with one another. Jennifer, more actively and more adventure-merrily than their brother, tries to forget their problems with different friends.

Thus it, with its newest conquest a MTV - concert to look, plans but also David has plans, because straight in this evening runs Pleasantville, 12 hours long. With its controversy, who may use now the television, the remote maintenance gets broken, but as by a miracle short time stands later a mysteriöser television mechanic before the door, which a new remote maintenance brings.

This shifts brothers and sisters into the TV serial Pleasantville, where David takes over the role of “Bud Parker” and Jennifer those the “Mary Sue Parker”.

While David, who is naturally been versed as a large fan in this world of the series, tries, to play “Bud” perfectly and to keep the rules of Pleasantville, in order so the innocence and Naivität of his inhabitants to received, cannot an opportunity be escaped to Jennifer to live it up and bring so not only the dear life of their contemporaries in disorder.

Like that it is not a miracle that by a red rose for the first time color comes into the black-and-white. The more dte rodent its individuality, Sex, Rock'n'Roll, literature and art discover, the more multicolored become Pleasantville.

But also adults discover themselves again, so also Betty Parker (J. Everything), David and Jennifers series nut/mother and Bill Johnson (J. Daniels), the owner of the Diner's and highly gifted artist.

By the new, modern developments however not all inhabitants are inspired and under line of the mayor bend Bob (J. T. Walsh) begins itself to form resistance.

The final takes place in the court room of Pleasantville , where the mayor confronts, with his feelings, finally in the wahrsten sense of the word color admits.


were nominated honors Pleasantville three times for the OSCAR, in the categories Best kind Direction set Decoration of Jeannine Claudia Oppewall and Jay hard, Best Costume Design of Judianna Makovsky and Best music, original drama TIC Score of Randy Newman.

Tobey Maguire won the Saturn Award for younger actors of the “Academy OF Science Fiction, Fantasy & horror of film” and Joan everything than best Nebendarstellerin, which received still further nominating and honors in the same category, among other things “golden the Satellite Award” than Nebendarstellerin in a comedy or a musical.

William H. Macy received a “BSFC Award” to 1999, in the category Best Nebendarsteller. Reese Witherspoon won the “Young Hollywood Award” in the category Breakthrough performance - Female.

Honors went also to the designers and Kostümbildner of Pleasantville. Thus Judianna Makovsky won the “Costume of designer Guild Award” for the best costumes in a film and a Jeannine Claudia Oppewall the “LAFCA Award” for the best production Design.

Gary Ross kept “the Satellite Award” golden in the category Best Motion Picture Screenplay - to original and Randy Newman the “OFCS Award” for the music to Pleasantville.

criticisms Fantasy realm, but over-clear medium fairy tale.

new Ironical account with television plates - partly somewhat pathetisch American, but always maintenance SAM. “Pleasantville” is very more detail in love, a visually masterful strip, which can convince in all interests. Also Randy Newmans film music should be mentioned, because she contributes also to the fact that “Pleasantville” is able to drag the spectator along and it also at the end so fast again does not release.

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