a Zyklon-3 rocket starts in Plesetsk (15. August 1991)

Plesetsk (Russian Плесецк, also Plesezk, Plesetsk) is the designation of a rocket launching site south of Archangelsk. The rocket launching site Plesetsk, which is since 1966 in enterprise, serves mainly the start of military satellites, like reconnaissance satellites. Besides of Plesetsk also civilian satellites are started into polar orbits. Manned rocket starts were not accomplished by Plesetsk. Most Russian satellites were started of Plesetsk. At present here also a launch pad for the new Angara rocket develops.

The associated urban settlement has 10,900 inhabitants (2004).


to 26. June 1973 nine persons died with the explosion of a Kosmos-3M ready to be launched rocket. To 18. March 1980 48 humans died with the explosion of a Wostok-2M rocket. To 15. October 2002 exploded a Soyuz u - rocket seconds after the start; in a neighbouring building a soldier was killed by the Explosionsdruckwelle.

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coordinates: 62° 42 ′ 48 ′ ′ N 40° 17 ′ 10 ′ ′ O


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