view of the Cabrillo monument of the bay of San Diego
age lighthouse in POINT Loma

POINT Loma is at the coast convenient quarter of San Diego in California. Due to its landschaftlichen beauty and numerous objects of interest the place represents a tourist attraction. To emphasize the Cabrillo is national Monument, which reminds of the Portuguese discoverer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, which reached here as first Europeans the west coast of the USA. Beside an old lighthouse several memorial places exist Cemetery “or „the USS Bennington Monument “for pleased soldiers like „away the Rosecrans national.

There is a large sport stadium, a 9-Loch golf course and a water park; also is the POINT Loma Nazarene University here. A base of the US-Navy, „the Subase POINT Loma “, is home port of several submarines.

From 1900 to 1942 Loma the headquarters of the Theosophi society was in America in POINT. This had developed the Community Lomaland here under Katherine Tingley and late Gottfried de Purucker.

sons and daughters of the city

  • Grace F. Knoche, US-American Theosophin and president of the Theosophi society in America

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