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The Politbüro or political office of the central committee is the highest governing body of most communist parties. It is selected by the central committee (ZK). Its task exists in the line of the work of the party between the plenary meetings of the ZK.

The Politbüro, which consists of 10 to 30 persons, is (was) the actual center of power and if necessary the only oneapproximately democratically functioning committee of the state. The individual members have the command authority over all important functions of the legislation, the executive, the economy, the outside and the information politics (censorship). The chairman of the Politbüros of the ZK (Secretary-General)absolute power in the state had, as long as it had the majority of the members behind itself - and if in its majority also the commanders of the armed executives and the secret services were. For its individual projects it had itself howeverthe respective majorities search (above all then, if a Politbüromitglied should be voted out and replaced). The resolutions of the Politbüros were then passed on to the parliament and the national government for the execution.

Theoretically the Politbüro of the central committee (ZK) should selected, voted outand to be controlled. In practice however all procedures planned for tuning in the ZK were submitted by the Politbüro and also abgesegnet by the ZK. Differently to proceed would have provided that in the ZK groups of majorities to form had been able themselves, the different phrased suggestionssubmit. This could have been explained however by members of the Politbüros easily as the facts of a abweichlerischen subversion and therefore by and the economically relatively hochsaturierten members of the ZK equipped with authority within their ranges was not risked.

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