Political economics

of these articles is concerned with the political economics in the historical context. For the economic theory of the policy see new one political economics.

By political economics one understood originally the study of the conditions for the relative wealth or also the poverty of a community, meantwere at that time the individual national states. The term became first in 18. Century by philosophers (and Physiokraten) like Adam Smith far spreads.

Political economics belongs to the society sciences and examines themselves social conditions, between humans with production for itvitally necessary goods develop. One calls these conditions production conditions, i.e. economic conditions of humans, in a national economy. She fathoms the laws, the production and the distribution of the material goods are subjected to which in the human society on their different Entwicklungsstufen. Itanalyzes production conditions of the Urgemeinschaft, the slavery, the Feudalismus, capitalism and socialism.

The political economics is divided into two different thinking schools, which proceed from different aspects on economic processes.

The British free trade teachings find its formal origin in AdamSmiths “Wealth OF nation”. Also the acceptance of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels rise from that the British system underlying aspect on the economic processes and the human behavior. She states that humans always strive for his personal advantage, and this the conditions in thatcapitalistic world determines. Marx and Engels close from this that such a system is inclined to the self destruction, which they represent as inevitable (Histomat).

Marx and Engels however the second, at the time at that time already well-established, those ignore thinking school of the political economics from a public interest obligation forall took part the national economy go out, as them are set up in the American condition (for Germany in the German Basic Law). In this system the state creates conditions, on which production enterprises - to well-being of the enterprises, which persons employed and the community - to develop itself further can.

This„American system of the political economics “finds for the first time 1791 by Alexander Hamilton (Minister of Finance the then straight created USA) to mention. It uses this designation in a document to the congress of name: “A report on the Subject OF Manufactures”.

Its American system finds origins in such a way inKameralistik mentioned. Gottfried William Leibniz has itself in 17. Century argued with this range in its paper “Society and Economy”. Still in early 19. Century gave it to training meetings of German universities over Kameralistik, in their curriculum of realizations and conceptions of Leibniz over economics under thatDesignation physical economics were led.

The general agents of the American system of the political economics are Alexander Hamilton, Henry C. Carey and Friedrich cunning.

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