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Pointed name
Biało czerwoni
pole ski Zwiazek Pilki Noznej
Paweł Janas, since 2002
record players
Grzegorz Lato (95)
record goal scorer
Włodzimierz Lubański (48)
first international match
Hungary 1:0 Poland
(Budapest, Hungary; 18. December 1921)
Highest victory
Poland 9:0 Norway
(Stettin, Poland; 4. September 1963)
Highest defeat
Denmark 8:0 Poland
(Copenhagen, Denmark; 26. June 1948)
World championship
final round participation: 6 (first: 1938)
Best result: Third place 1974, 1982
European championship
final round participation: - (First: -)
Best result: -

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the Polish football federation (PZPN) became 1919 time near to the establishment of the Polish republic after the conference of peace of Versailles based. 1923 joined the federation of the FIFA and deliver since then officially international matches. Poland participated so far six times in soccer world championships , whereby the most successful time of the Polish football was in 1970er years. 1972 reached it their largest success as the crew at that time football olympia winner with the summer games in Munich became. Later the crew reached two years with the WM in Germany the third place, a result, which they could repeat 1982 in Spain. Two further olympic silver medals were added 1976 into Montreal and 1992 into Barcelona .

So far the qualifications less successfully ran to football European championships. Not only once, also not during the golden era of the 1970er years, knew itself a Polish team qualify.

because of the soccer world championship [work on

in France the Polish

crew failed to participation of Poland in the first round with 5:6 after extension because of Brazil. The play is considered to the best and dramatic in WM-history as one.

soccer world championship 1974 in Germany

Poland qualified itself for the tournament after a sensational qualification against the world champion of 1966 England. Until today in Poland celebrated national hero is the goal scorer at that time of the Wembley, January Domarski.

The drawing brought then however not less hochkarätige opponents: The vice-world champion of 1970 Italy, the secret favorite Argentina and the outsider Haiti. The first play that Poland ensured directly for the fact that the Polish crew with strong offensive football became one of the most popular crews of the tournament. Argentina was defeated with 3:2. After a safe 7:0 - success over Haiti they threw with 2:1 to the large favorites Italy from the tournament. In the second final round, which was delivered for the first time in groups, those met Poland the host Germany, on Sweden and Yugoslavia. To two scarce victories with 1:0 over Sweden and 2:1 over Yugoslavia it came to a genuine semi-final against likewise the victorious German crew. In the legendary rain battle from Frankfurt those lost technically better crew against Germany with 0:1. It failed after 90-minütigen Anrennen on the German gate particularly because of a world class goal keeper named Sepp Maier. It helped also nothing that Poland could exhibit an equal goal keeper. January Tomaszewski held a Foulelfmeter of Uli Hoeness in the first play half.

In the play around the third place against the title defender Brazil won Poland with 1:0 by a gate of Grzegorz Lato, which became with seven hits also goal scorer king of the tournament.

soccer world championship 1978 in Argentina

after successes of the last world championship and the last two olympic plays was enormous the success coming from the homeland for the Polish crew. One expected an increase of the third place of 1974. This was however substantially more difficult in Argentina. In addition the golden crew had become older also some years. In the opening play against world champion Germany one was the better crew, came however over a 0:0 not outside. With victories over Tunesien and Mexico one reached the second round as the group first. However one against Brazil and Argentina with very much pitch lost. Only Peru could be defeated with 1:0.

soccer world championship 1982 in Spain

Poland was 1982 at home in a heavy political crisis. In December 1981 the state of war was not proclaimed by general Wojciech Jaruzelski and in the homeland preserved one large hopes as the crew to Spain applied. The first group plays corresponded then also to the mind condition of the entire nation. Against Italy a 0:0 still seemed as success, but 0:0 against WM-beginner Cameroon was a disappointment. By a fulminanten 5:1 victory against Peru one became finally group winner. This victory worked like a release impact and in the second round untwisted the crew then only correctly around its new star Zbigniew Boniek. Belgium was struck by Boniek nearly in the single-handed attempt with 3:0 and against the ore enemy Soviet Union was enough a 0:0 to the introduction in the semi-final. Here one met again on Italy, which had in the meantime waked up however just like Poland and after victories over Brazil and did not feel Argentina Poland no more than hurdle. Thus the semi-final with 0:2 was lost. In the play around the third place they defeated then France, which stood with Michel Platini at the beginning of a large era, with 3:2. Platini and Boniek became late club comrades with Juventus Turin.

1986 in Mexico

1986 one was convinced

of the fact statistics [it works on] in Poland that with Boniek, one the European superstar, a by far more powerful troop together was than still 1982. The disillusionment took place in the first group play against Morocco. More than a 0:0 did not jump out. A new mode, also the Drittplatzierten permitted to come into the next round, provided for the decision in the second play. By a 1:0 victory over Portugal was a preliminary decision for the qualification to the round of the last sixteen pleases. 0:3 - defeat against England did not fall any longer important. However the journey was in the round of the last sixteen by a clear 0:4 - defeat against the pot change request rites Brazil already terminates. It should take 16 years to again a Polish national team to a football WM to travel was allowed.

soccer world championship 2002 in South Korea and Japan

after sovereign qualification was enormous the euphoria with the Polish fans, but first problems emerged already in the apron of the WM, when the crew discussions led across advertising funds and premiums. A except-sporty scandal was the appearance of the Polish Popstars Edyta Górniak. It sang the Polish national anthem in peculiar Popstil, which caused large discussions in Poland before the first play. The play against the CO host South Korea went with a bass drum impact 0:2 (0: 1) lost. After clear 0:4 (0: 1) Defeat against Portugal had then separated Poland already prematurely, with which the crew broke in in the second half time completely. 3:1 (2: 0) Victory via the USA was high-earned and have even more highly failed could, had however only statistic value. In the conclusion table of the group of D put Poland with 3 points and 3:7 gates from 3 plays the fourth and last place.

soccer world championship 2006 in Germany

Poland is qualified for the world championship as one two best group second of the eight European groups of qualifications. Only two were lost by the ten group plays, both against the later group winner England. In the Vorrunde of the football WM 2006 Poland meets in group of A in the second play to 14. June 2006 in Dortmund on the national team of Germany, in addition also on the crews Costa Ricas and Ecuador.

successes with the olympic summer games

olympic summer games 1972 in Munich

the olympic football tournament of 1972 found of 26. August up to 10. September instead of. The drawing of the Vorrunde resulted in that the Polish crew had to begin against one the Mitfavoriten equal in the Vorrunde. The first opponents Colombia and Ghana were defeated loosely with 5:1 and 4:0. The crucial play around the introduction into the second group phase followed on the last play day against the GDR. Poland won with 2:1 by two gates of interior defender Jerzy Gorgoń with a Gegentreffer of Joachim caper.

The second final round brought then a disappointment in the first play. Poland came over a 1:1 against Denmark not outside, could defeat the large favorite Soviet Union with 2:1 then however in the second play. Into the last play Poland won then with 5:0 against Morocco and drew in the final. In the final Poland defeated the team that Hungary with 2:1. Briefly before the half time those had gone to Hungary through Varadi with 1:0 into guidance. Kazimierz Deyna brought then already in the 47. Minute with reconciliation the turn and procured even the victory hit in the 68. Minute. The olympia victory of Munich 1972 was first large success in the history of the Polish Fussballs.ddd

olympic summer games 1976 in Montréal

the legendary coach Kazimierz Górski sat with this tournament for the last time on the Polish coach bank. As olympia winner of 1972 and thethird of 1974 the Polish crew was pot-change request-guessed/advised on the renewed profit the gold medal. Like that it was natural no surprise that the crew played itself in the final again. But this time the GDR crew of coach George Buschner was the stronger one. The Polish crew arose again with large play culture, but the Stürmer the striking power of the last years had left and the GDR won with 3:1. The profit the silver medal belongs nevertheless to historical large successes of the Polish football.

olympic summer games 1992 in Barcelona

the first olympic plays after the political turn in Europe brought a surprise never expected for the Polish football fans. Now no more did not begin the state amateurs , but a junior crew, hope for the future made. The later national coach Janusz Wójcik had young talentierte players available, which switched estimated opponent off in the first rounds much more strongly such as Italy and Australia. Star of this crew was the young Mittelstürmer Andrzej Juskowiak, the goal scorer king of the tournament became and the crews in the final shot. Against hosts they lost Spain then extremely unfortunately in a dramatic final with 2:3. The profit is the silver medal largest success nevertheless since the legendary victories of the 1970er years.

current cadre



centre zone


acquaintance former players

acquaintance former national coaches

  • Kazimierz Górski, (1971 to 1976), formed the best Polish national team of all times into the 1970er years; Olympia winner 1972 and WM-third 1974
  • Jacek Gmoch, (1976 to 1978), successors of the legendary Górski and coach with the WM 1978
  • Ryszard Kulesza, (1978 to 1980)
  • Antoni Piechniczek, (1981 to 1986, 1996/1997), coaches with the WM 1982 and WM 1986; 1982 WM-third
  • Andrzej Strejlau, (1989 to 1993)
  • Jerzy angel, (2000 to 2002), coaches with the WM 2002
  • Zbigniew Boniek, 2002, stepped already after only five plays as a coach back

balance against Germany

  • of 14 plays altogether, of it 4 undecided and 10 defeats with 7:26 gates

under it 2 EM-Qualifikationsspiele:

10. October 1971 Warsaw 1:3 (1: 1)
17. November 1971 Hamburg 0:0 (0: 0)

under it 2 world championship plays:

3. July 1974 Frankfurt/Main (intermediate round and/or. 2. Final round) 0:1 (0: 0)
1. June 1978 Buenos Aires (Vorrunde) 0:0 (0: 0)

balance against the GDR

  • of 19 plays altogether, of it 9 victories, 4 undecided and 6 defeats with 26:27 gates

under it 2 WM-Qualifikationsspiele:

2. May 1981 Chorzow 1:0 (0: 0)
10. October 1981 Leipzig 3:2 (2: 0)

balance against Austria

  • of 7 plays altogether, of it 4 victories and 3 defeats with 17:16 gates

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