calls polyglot polyglot one (of Greek “poly “= many and” glotta “= tongue, language) a person, who speaks many foreign languages. The border, starting from when one can call a person polyglot, is indistinct.

Epitome of polyglot humans is an Italian cardinal Mezzofanti, which never left Italy, but 38 languages perfectly controlled and further 30 languages flowing spoke. In addition it knew 50 dialects from different languages. A living polyglot one is a Belgian architect Johan Vandewalle, which controls 22 living and nine dead languages (conditions 1987).

Researchers around Michael Chee of the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory in Singapore found out that humans, who learn a foreign language easily, who use designated region of their brain more intensively as Insula, because in this region unusual sound samples are stored unconsciously.

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