Pompeo Batoni

Porträt des Charles Crowle (1761/62)
haven-guesses/advises the Charles Crowle (1761/62)

Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (* 5. February 1708 in Lucca; † 4. February 1787 in Rome) was an Italian painter.

Batoni, a pupil Sebastiano Concas and Agostino Masuccis, by emperors Joseph II. raised into the ennobling and, died to 4. February 1787 in Rome. It was placed in its time very highly estimated and into a line with Anton Raphael Mengs.

At first it looked at the hand of the antique ones and the study for Raffael. The mannersistic direction to fight at that time, came however not beyond an academic attitude and a superficial beauty.

Are from its works the most famous: the reuige Magdalena (in the Dresdener gallery), a holy family, Thetis, getting the Achilles back of the Centauren Chiron, and the abstention SAMness of the Scipio (in the Eremitage to pc. Petersburg), the family of the Darius before Alexander (painted for the king of Prussia), the heart Jesu (a large altar board, 1780 for a newly built church to Lisbon made), angebetete by the four world parts, the cover of the gallery Colonna to Rome, the haven advice of the Popes Benedikt XIV., Clemens XIII. and Pius VI., the emperor Joseph II. and its brother Leopold of Toscana (in the Belvedere to Vienna).

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