Poncho (Spanish, speak pon tscho, originally from the Mapuche - language Mapudungun) is a coat common in parts of South America, which has its origin with the Indios.

The Poncho a piece cloth with a slot was original in the center, by thatthe head to be put could, so that it lay like a coat on the shoulders.

Usually the Ponchos are manufactured in strong colors.

As rain protection meanwhile beside the raincoat and/or. To Südwester a standard, see also for this Regencape.

It is both and military piece of uniform andalso civilian clothes, approximately with cyclists or Wanderern. As traditional article of clothing in many countries common, with similar cut, about:

  • Poncho, Spain
  • Kotze (clothes) or weather mark, hunt clothing, Bavaria
  • Chamanto, and. A. decorative Umhang, South America
  • Paenula, in old Rome, covering coat
  • Ruana, a Poncho well-behaved article of clothing, howeverwith a continuous slot up to the center ([1]), South America

removes also

in the cinema attained the Poncho a special celebrity, as it Clint Eastwood in the role of a head money hunter in the well-known Italo Western for a handful dollar (1964), for a few dollar more (1965) and two glorious Halunken (1966) carried.

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