Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi [ˈPɔːʃa…] (* 31. January 1973 in Melbourne, Australia as Amanda (Mandy) Lee Rogers) is an Australian actress. Their German synchronous voice is usually lent to it by Arianne boron brook.

Mandy Rogers is the second child of Barry and Margaret Rogers (the father died 1982 at a cardiac infarct) and buildup together with its brother Michael in Geelong close Melbourne. With 15 years it changed for its names in Portia de Rossi. After the Highschool took up it law studies at the University OF Melbourne and was occasionally than Model and in advertising spots active. A producer became attentive to de Rossi and provided for it a role in that British - Australian film Sirens; the study broke it off 1993 . 1998 transferred it the role of the Nelle Porter in the US-American TV serial Ally McBeal, which admits her for a large public made.

At the end of of 2004 separated Portia de Rossi von Francesca Gregorini, which stepdaughter of Ringo rigid, with which she lived up to then in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Since then it is associated with the actress and host inches DeGeneres.

Filmographie (excerpt)

  • 1994 - seduction of the sirens (Sirens) (OUT, UK) in the role of Giddy
  • 1997 - Scream 2 (the USA) in the role of Sorority Sister Murphy
  • 1998 - 2002 - Ally McBeal (the USA) (TV-series) in the role of Morgan “Nelle” Porter
  • 1999 - Stigmata (the USA) in the role of Jennifer Kelliho
  • 2003 - Arrested development - in the role of Lindsay Bluth spark (the USA) (TV-series)
  • 2005 - Cursed - in the role of Zela (the USA)

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