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pointed way selfhaven-guesses/advises: The haven guessing painter, around 1860
selfhaven-guesses/advises Paul Gauguin

haven-guessed/advised (also Portrait; v. frz. ) are portrait painting, photography, plastics or another artistic representation of a person. The intention oneHaven advice is, the nature, and/or. to express the personality of the porträtierten person.

One the most famous haven advice of the world is that the Mona Lisa.

Haven advice dipped in after-antique Europe in the middle 14. Century up, the oldest is sidehaven-guesses/advises king Johanns of the good one , which haven-guesses/advises as counterpart his Mrs. Johanna has. The oldest frontally is of duke the Rudolf IV. of Austria.

Haven-guesses/advises an artist of itself and/or. is selfhaven-guessed/advised its own picture . Self haven advice rank among the most famous works of numerous artists.The pc. - Annen museum in Luebeck orders since short over one of the largest collections of self haven advice the modern trend in Germany. World-wide spreading attained the haven guessing photography. In the policy haven-guesses/advises a head of the government often as national symbol used, it ziert public buildings, notes or alsoStamps. (see person cult.)

one the most well-known and most productive Portraitzeichner 20. Century was the German press draughtsman Emil Stumpp.

In the literature the expression designates haven-guessed/advised (or Portrait) the literary representation of a person or an article. A literary haven-guessed/advised often gives a deepView, and offers a differentiated and comprehensive representation. Important literary haven guessingists is and. A.Elias Canetti or W.G. Sebald.

In support to it there is also musical of haven advice, z. B. Duke Ellingtons Portrait OF Mahalia Jackson.

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