Haven guessing photography

Portrait of a young Mrs.

as haven guessing photography one designates a photographic category, with which haven advice by organisms are made; Motives are humans, frequently however also animal haven advice are usually provided. A goal of the artistic haven guessing photography is it usually to work the characteristic nature out of the motive photographically.

A variant of the applied haven guessing photography is in the Kriminalistik, where such pictures in the anthropometry as well as for the preparation are manufactured by warrants of apprehension and passport photos.

Haven guessing photographies are made both by photo amateurs and occupation photographers; the latters operate often particularly furnished photo studios, the haven guessing studios.

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Subgenres and Sujets

  • animal-haven-guessed/advised


in the German Reich gave for the first time it to 1902 a bill, which awards a “right at the own picture ”; see also for this picture rights.

history and development

those first commercial application of the photography are probably haven advice, the André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri (1819-1900) starting from 1854 provided (visiting card haven advice, carte de visite); in the future develops numerous Porträtstudios, which is particularly frequented by the medium-size middle class. It uses a displacement of the trade of the poet guessing painters .

The haven guessing photography had also independently of the special case the visiting card haven advice a great importance for the photography of the early period; Hauptproblem of the long exposure times was solved by special fixing and holding devices such as Saronnys universal head owner and an oversize at patience with the Porträtierten.

Among the pioneers of this category for example Franz Hanfstaengl, Nadar , Courbet and Etienne Carjat rank.

important haven guessing photographers


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