Postal zip code

the postal zip code (ABC Postal code) is a number or a letter/number combination within postal addresses on letters, packages or package, which limit the place of service. Other geographical keys are telephone preselection, Kfz characteristic and official municipality key.

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postal zip code systems

to 2003 having according to data of the Universal Postal Union 117 States of postal zip codes introduced.

To the postal zip code systems to individual countries and their history see:

the following countries do not have postal zip codes:

storage of postal zip codes

postal zip codes no numbers, but character strings, which consist in most countries however only of numbers , are data technical. With the following countries can contain the postal zip codes also of letters:

postal zip codes up to 9 places (Great Britain) to have there can, are recommended, to plan for the storage of international addresses in EDP systems 10 indications of the postal zip code.

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