Power Loom

of the power Loom and in the German translation force chair was the designation for the 1785 weaving loom with a drive, invented by Edmond Cartwright, by a prime mover. The power Loom was the first steam-powered weaving loom and the first automatic weaving loom for broad fabrics at all. It concerned a contactor weaving loom: The weber boat was strengthened at its ends and was called from now on contactors. The principle was however the same as with the Handwebstühlen, it concerned rather an advancement of the schnellschützen of loom, which John Kay had invented 1733.

Lifting and lowering the chaining threads to open a subject, the movement protecting and fastening the Schussfadens with the Web sheet were made again by eccentric cams and cams. During with the Handwebstuhl the Web sheet at a handle - drawer mentioned - hung, took place the drive of the sheet, the shanks and a protecting of the power Loom central from down.

After the spinning mill was already to a large extent automated, also weaving had to be automated. Power the Loom had granted however no as fast spreading as the Jenny or the Mule. The society and in particular the weaving part of the fact were afraid rightfully that the automation of the king discipline in the textile production would make its jobs redundant. The first industriellen weaving mills fell also the machine storm to the victim, John Kay nearly were murdered. Only in the first half 19. Jh. the weaving looms became generally accepted, after their productivity was multiplied in relation to the first power Loom and the processes in the Webereivorbereitung was also rationalized.

Power Loom was until some decades ago in the English language a synonym for weaving loom. Today it is used only in Asia, in the west speaks isolated in such a way one now with weaving looms of weaving machine or loom.


  • William Radcliffe: Origin OF the new system OF manufacture, commonly called “power loom weaving” and the purposes for which this system which invented and brought into use, fully explained, containing William Radcliffe's of struggles narrative in A through would run ton remove the cause which has brought this country ton its present crisis/written by himself…, Stick haven, Lomax, 1828

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