a Präsidialrepublik is a state, which possesses the system of government republic and in a president as a head of state and head of the government the Regierungsgewalt has. The president is formally selected in a republic on limited time and at certain power borders (by condition or tradition) bound.

A dictatorship is not Präsidialrepublik, also not if the dictator lets itself be called president or appoints a parliament dependent on it.

Typical Präsidialrepubliken is the USA and Russia. France is attributed a semipräsidentielles system of government, there it there beside the powerful president stillan Prime Minister gives.

Republics, whose president is not at the same time a head of the government and whose head of state notices mainly representative functions, belong to the parliamentary republics, if the head of the government stands under control of the parliament. Examples are Germany and Austria.

See also: System of government, Präsidentielles system of government, Semipräsidentielles system of government, monarchy, dictatorship


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