the principle (majority: Principles; of lat.: principium) designates literally a beginning or an origin. The meanings of the expression „principle “are different depending upon context.

  • Colloquially it concerns with a principle a principle,a firm rule, to which one adheres. Example: He is a man with principles and stands to what he says. As contrast one speaks in situations with a high flexibility need however also of a principle rider.
  • In philosophy a principle is that, on which somewhat been based, whereby it is held, the last reason, the Urgrund, origin, starting point of all existing.
  • In the jurisprudence „principle means “similarly a principle rather a guideline, a goal, which carries out as to a large extent as possiblewill is. It does not concern straight a rule. Rules do not only demand consideration, but strict attention in contrast to the principle. In particular of Robert Alexy the disputed thesis will represent, which is fundamental rights as principles, not as rulesto understand.

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