Production engineering

the production engineering covers procedures, measures and mechanisms for the control and appropriate use of the laws of nature and the energies given by nature and raw materials with the goal of the production of new goods.


the term production engineering has its origins (probable) into the 1970er years and corresponds to an extension of the term mechanical engineering, which is still used today due to historical connections into many university mechanisms. Actually a course of studies production engineering knows general mechanical engineering, which process engineering, which materials engineering, which air and space technology, which ergonomics, production logistics contain and much more besides.


the production engineering is divided into different main and auxiliary techniques.

Main techniques are:

Auxiliary techniques are:


in the engineering sciences is hardly still possible a clear functional separation (fragmenting the science disciplines). Thus in the production engineering also strengthened to technologies one falls back, those actually electro-technology and/or. Computer science are assigned. The term production engineering is used the moreover one for the superficial description of the technical mechanisms and Gerätschaften, which are used in a production. For example this term becomes also within the range of the music (audio engineering) and in the film (film production technology) uses.

Nowadays no more a defined technical discipline in a the position all technologies is not to be made available, which are necessary for the production of material and immaterial products. The term production engineering becomes partially fair that, because the term permits interdisciplinary beginnings. It pay attention that for years the information age began the 1990er, and thus the well-known industrial company in the western world at influence loses. That has naturally also influence on the engineering sciences, and rather by it is carried, because you supplies the technologies for applications. The designation mechanical engineering becomes no longer fair the condition, because the term in particular the o. g. Auxiliary techniques being entitled does not express.


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