the word profile (of French profile - „side view “, out Latin filum - „thread “) designates

  • outlined a body from the side, sees outlined
  • the representation of humans from the side, sees to Profilansicht
  • the characteristic appearance of humans, sees to Profiler
  • the characteristic appearance of an institution,see shaping
  • a langgestrechtes construction unit, which serves usually the ornament, see profile (ornament)
  • in the technology a preformed construction unit, see for example to steel section
  • a design feature the profile structure of a surface , for example
  • a tire or a sole made of tape material from sheet metal by rolling forming, see to profile structure
  • the area profilea part of the earth's surface, see to area profile
  • in the aerodynamics the form of a wing cross section, see to profile (wing)
  • the title of a Austrian news magazine, see to profile (magazine)
  • the profile, which a carpenter uses for marking out woods, see to profile (roof)
  • the typical process of a spectral line, see for example
  • in computer science a easy-weighty extension of the Metamodells of the Unified Modeling LANGUAGE, see profile (UML)
  • in archaeological excavation methodology and in geology a perpendicular cut by the soil or rock for the documentation of the layer sequence, see to Stratigraphie
this side is one Term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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