a programmer writes and extends computer programs and releases these from errors. This activity is called programming. The programmer avails himself for this of a suitable programming language. As first programmers is considered the Britin Ada Lovelace.

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difference between programmers and software developer

the distinction from programmer to the software developer is becomes flowing, partly the terms alsosynonymously uses. If a distinction is met, this refers usually to the fact that pure programmers realize only small programs or parts of larger programs. They fulfill then no or only small planning and tasks of management.

The difference becomes partial onthe term of the software architecture fastened: The software developer sketches the software architecture, the programmer implements it. In practice the person, who sketches the software architecture, for efficiency reasons fulfills however frequently also to tasks of implementation, would be thus software developer and programmer in personnel union. Over itoutside for small programs no architect is usually used. Usually by the programmer contrary to the software developer no universitäre training is required. Other around the view exists at universities that a study of computer science does not require necessarily programming abilities.

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Difference between programmers and coder

historical is to be stated also the term of the coder. Where the programmer to unfold still relatively free can like it concretely the solution realized (considering the functional and non-functional requirements) sets himself the coder thoseit laid on solution 1:1 over. Example: a programmer sketched the SOURCE code on a coding sheet - the coder only” still copied “. Nowadays this role is to be hardly still found, the term however gladly still as synonym to the programmer is used.

Operational-school training of the IHK as the “programmer” is a specialized computer scientist Anwendungsentwicklung.

acquaintance programmer and computer pioneers (selection)

Paul Allen, Marc Andreessen, Lukas Kloibhofer, Kent Beck, Dan multicolored one, John Carmack, Vinton G.Cerf, Alan Cox, Larry Ellison, Martin Fowler, Erich gamma, Bill Gates, Steve job, Ada Lovelace, gift Newell, Dennis Ritchie, Kasper Skårhøj, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Stallman, Bjarne Stroustrup, Ken Thompson, Linus Torvalds, NIC louse Wirth, Steve Wozniak, Konrad Zuse, Alexey Pajitnov


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