of programming designates

  1. the activity to provide computer programs (software). In the broader sense one understands thereby all activities, which are connected with this program preparation, in particular also the conceptional draft. Strictly speaking programming designates only the shifting of this conceptional, abstract draft in concrete Source text.
  2. Likewise one designates the procedure of the writing already finished of a provided with programming and in machine code translated program and data into a read-only memory, e.g. an EPROM or an EEPROM.

In many, in particular in smaller software projects, the draft and the production are oneProgram separately, the program does not develop in these cases in close reciprocal effect with the draft and in reverse. In larger projects draft and programming (then frequently than implementation designated) are separate. The programmer moves then with his activity in the context of the draft; its taskis to realize the reciprocal effect of software components, described described by the draft, likewise there by program code.

Nevertheless also programming is a creative activity; a draft gives a function framework, but can to these on different kind be converted.

The programs usually become ina programming language expressed. In this language the programmer Algorithmen formulates. Increasingly it is supported thereby by code generators which provide at least parts of the program code automatically on basis of models (developed in the draft).

quality criteria

property programming is characterised on the one hand by it,that the functions, which the programming environment used in each case makes available are as efficiently as possible used . In particular it concerns not to invent for setting of tasks the wheel again if certain functions are already made available by the programming environment (for example in the form of libraries). Good programmers draw thusabove all by the fact out that it a good overview of the fundamental function range and systematics of the functions made available by the programming environment (into the thousands to go can) to have. For a defined setting of tasks they can look up the made available functions in appropriate documentations then fast andbegin. It distinguishes bad programmers among other things that they want to invent and not only the largest time into adapting before not suitable modules put not at any price the wheel again, but also a distorted, only with difficulty waitable Gestrüpp of plugged together modules andSkripten leave, which use the respective version change that modules are unprotectedly delivered. Good programmers weigh whether a wheel is to be invented again or not.

On the other hand good programming means to produce waitable program code. That is, that the structures, after those the program or program modulefunctions, are as self-describing as possible, in addition in addition, by comments in the program code documented. This requires to produce above all that the programmer itself not due to the above requirement to produce short and efficient code in addition may let tempt, for short, “kryptischen” code, for thatfew program lines saves, but about him to be only understood can.

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