Project Gutenberg DE

the project Gutenberg DE offers German-language E-texts advertising-financed in the Internet on. It concerns texts of authors , those more than 70 years ago in most cases deceased itself and on their works therefore no requirement for copyrightmore exists. The company Hille+Partner nevertheless justifies a copyright requirement for all contents with the collection of the works, with the HTML - dressing and linking of the texts, the compilation and the additional texts written for the company, like explanations and author data.

Legallythis requirement for copyright is to be regarded however as very uncertain. In particular Hille+Partner cannot announce a requirement for copyright on contents of the books, since the texts are already public domain. Concerning the question, whether the conversion in the HTML - format is sufficient, around a copyright protectionthe HTML formatting to stress to be able, the decision of a higher court remains being waiting.

The consciously similarly selected name arouses the appearance, it concerns the German-language branch of the free international public Domain project Project good mountain.

Contrary to the free international Project good mountain, which contains likewise German texts, is however with the project Gutenberg DE downloading complete texts only with restrictions possible, there the company Hille+Partner immaterial monopoly rights to of their refugee and from Freiwilligen electronically prepared public Domain - texts stresses(see.Copyright notice of the company H+P).

Completely freely accessiblly (without requirement for author on the processing) andnot-commercially on the side of the free digital library German-language E-texts are published.

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