a protectorate (of lat. protegere, „protect “, therefore also protected area) are part sovereign a national territory, whose administration, foreign agency and national defense are subordinate to another state. Differently than with colonies a larger autonomy exists, without of autonomous areas can be spoken.

The word“Protectorate” can be used also in the sense by “protectorate over a Organistation/a meeting”, here is meant with it the patronage, the holding person is called here tread (protector). In this article with this use of the word one does not deal more in greater detail.

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of protectorates to states and organizations

British protectorates

Egypt was from 1914 to independence 1922 British protectorate. The British gold coast was divided up to independence as Ghana into a crowning colony and a protectorate, which covered the core of the old Ashantireiches. In addition 1919 came Völkerbund - protectorate British Togo country. 1984 full independence were awarded to the Sultanate of Brunei. Botswana was likewise British protectorate from 1865 to independence 1966.

today's protectorates and overseas territories

Guernsey, jersey and one are directly subordinated to the British crown.

Akrotiri and Dhekelia are base areas on Cyprus, are subordinate to British sovereignty.

German protectorates

German protected areas at the beginning 20. Century were German southwest Africa (today: Namibia) and German East Africa (today: Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi); it is quite contentious whether these areas were not rather colonies and were treated by the German Reich less than protectorates. With the break resident of Munich of the agreement of 1938 became Tschechien (except the areas already annektiertenthe so-called Sudetenlandes) converted into protectorate the Böhmen and Mähren.

French of protectorates

see also: French Überseedépartements, French overseas territories

Italian of protectorates

Spanish of protectorates

US-American protectorates

  • Panama channel: In December 1903 Panama with the USA agreed upon a convention over the use of a channel zone in the width of 10 miles (16 kilometers), in each case 5 miles on both sides thatChannel route, their occupation and their unrestricted control too.1977 decided US president Jimmy Carter to return the channel up to the year 2000 at Panama which also happened. Since then the channel is administered of Panama Canal Authority (ACP ).

of mandated territories of the Völkerbunds

after the First World War became most earlier German colonies and areas of the Osmani realm posed under control of the Völkerbunds. These given different member states mandates for the administration of these areas. See: Völkerbund.

the unfaithful hand advice took over

trust territories of the United Nations after the establishment of the United Nations the administration of the remainingMandated territories of the Völkerbunds. 1994 became Palau as last one of these areas into independence to dismiss. See: Trust territory.

protectorates of NATO

the Kosovo is considered politically as so-called. „NATO - Protectorate “, because it controls after the Kosovo war of NATO militarily and from that UN is administered (with the euro as currency); legally the Kosovo up to final clarifying of the status of the Kosovo ranks citizens among the Republic of Serbia, its possesses the Serbian nationality and selects parliament and president of the Republic of Serbia also.


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