psychiatrist is the title of a physician with appropriate technical training. As such it concerns itself with the diagnosis, treatment and research of illnesses or disturbances of the spirit or the soul of humans. It regards in particular the relations betweenBody and spirit and their mutual influence.

The field of activity of the psychiatrist is the psychiatry and overlaps contentwise with the psychology, in particular the clinical psychology and/or. the psychological Psychotherapie, the Psychosomatik, the neurology and the general medicine.

In contrast to (not-medical) the psychological Psychotherapeuten the psychiatrist is entitled for using up medicines.

Historically to be seen also physicians particularly with psychologically patients to have employed as psychiatrists calls itself (William Battie, Philippe Pinel, Vincenzo Chiarugi).


  • a successfully locked study of the medicine,
  • the license to practise medicine as a physician
  • specialist training in a hospital specialized division for psychiatry
  • the auxiliary training in a hospital specialized division for neurology
  • successful placing of the specialist examination for the psychiatrist

for some years is additionally three-year training as the Psychotherapeuten for psychiatrists and psychologists possible, whereby a psychologist attains the title of the psychological Psychotherapeuten and the psychiatrist the title specialist for psychiatry and Psychotherapie.

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