under publication (often short ) or publication (of lat. publicus: publicly) one understands either the procedure that public mobilization of funds of a medium (publishing) or the concrete medium. Examples of Publications are books, magazines, clay/tone carriers or also web pages.

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publications drawing by the fact out that it for the public(also partly for closed groups) to be published. Most means of communication as for example the telephone are not called publication, since they are used only for direct communication and are not held. Works of art as Unikate or in small edition are normally also not understood as publication. ThatSubstantial one of a publication is usually their contents and not the individual copy and/or the concrete copy. Publications are held on different carrier media.

Publications are usually carried out by publishing houses, more rarely from individuals (a form then the “self publishing house” one calls). Publishing house, and One sees publishers from the imprint.

The collection and development of publications are task of libraries and archives. Where these this not to carry out know give it often private collecting tanks.

publication forms

the number of different publication forms, i.e., thosedifferent kinds of publications (publications) of printmedialer products and other media, in the last 500 years precipitously rose. The media can be partitioned regarding most diverse criteria in different way.

contentwise one forms

see in addition category, journalistic representational forms, scientific publication

to marketing forms

see in addition book trade, publishing houses


for the spreading of a publication, this must be on a storage medium or be spread over a channel (medium).

As carrier of information in principle each transportable material is suitable, underother clay/tone boards, papyrus, Pergament and paper for handwriting and printed media and different data media for digital information. A usual form of handwriting were scrolls, those with invention of the printing by printed media replaced became.

The non-physical transmission of signals (broadcast) become inthe rule electromagnetic waves assigned - acoustic, (language) and optical signals (for example smoke signals) represent a simpler in addition, more limited possibility.

The archiving and switching of published information take over since the antique libraries.

printed media

printed media are paper-boundFluid media (in contrast to handwriting. Publications on other carrier media, for example electronic data media), with which the information is held in most different way (mechanically, electromagnetically, photo-chemically) on a carrier medium, are distinguished than Nonprint media from it.

a special form of printed media are blind pressures (Publications in Braille).

audiovisual media

under audiovisual media one seizes picture and clay/tone media on similar and increasingly digital storage mediatogether.

clay/tone carrier
Film media

other forms (S-VHS, laser disk, VCD, SVCD) play than medium for the commercial selling of films practically only in Asia a role and gradually of the DVD are displaced.

  • CD-I

electronic publications

electronic publications are characterised by the fact that they are present in digital form and are needed for its use a computer. One differentiates

Electronic publications are particularly suitable for reference books , teaching programs , electronic magazines as well as computer games and software. Of some prophesied separation of the printed media by e-Books did not occur so far.

Electronic publications differ from othersPublication forms among other things by one both functionally (interactivity) and speed ral (update) higher dynamics out, which makes its archiving difficult.

See also: Single SOURCE Publishing


Mikroform is the generic term for on Filmmaterial made smaller similar illustrations ofprinted collecting mains. The most important Mikroformen are microfiche (microfiche) and microfilm (micro roll film). DIN-A6 microfiche and 35mm of microfilms is most common. Mikroformen are used particularly for archiving.

medium combinations

combination book/CD-ROM, book/audio cartridge…


no publication, but a transmitting medium. Convergence with Internet(Pay TV, digital video recorders, Internet Radio/TV, digital television, MHP…)

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