Québec (city)

Québec [keˈbɛk], “close passage”, a Canadian city, is the capital of the province of the same name Québec. Vieux Québec, which became only city in North America, whose fortifications are still intact, 1985 avowedly of the UNESCO as the world cultural heritage.

Once the writer Charles of thickening called thoseCity “Gibraltar North America”, a completely applicable comparison.

The city is appropriate for a large rock, which towers above the sinking Lorenz stream and therefore for the defense as favorable proved on the Cap diamond.

The entire city counts 734,583 inhabitants, one calls it also the Québécois, or Québécoisde Québec, in order to differentiate it from the inhabitants of the province. The river tightness between the cities Québec and Lévis on the opposite bank gave the name to the city. Kebek, a word from the Algonkin language, means “bottleneck”.

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city opinion of Québec with the Château Frontenac on the left side
Séminaire im Stadtzentrum
Séminaire in the city centre
Die Chuttes de Montmorency
the Chuttes de Montmorency

Québec is admits for his Karneval (carnaval more d'hiver) and for the Château Frontenac, which controls the city silhouette.

In the old part of town are the national assembly and other political and administrative mechanisms as well as cultural institutions like the national art museum (le Musée national beaux kind you the Québec) and the Musée de la civilisation. Underthe routistic attractions of the environment are the tosenden Wasserfälle of Montmorency, which clearly exceed the famous cases of Niagara, and which Basilique de Sainte Anne de Beaupré with 83.5 meters. Admits is (arm) the Quebec bridge twice collapsed.


Québec is the secondaryoldest European colonyin Canada (after pc. John's). It was created 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. A village of the Wyandot already existing, which the Indians Stadaconé called, was partly converted into a fortress. Québec was the capital of the French colony Canada.

1690 became Québec ofthe Britisher attacked, but by the governor Louis de Frontenac successfully defends. 1759, during the seven-year-old of war, were besieged again the city by a British army under the command of James wolf. Close Québec found to 13. September 1759 the battle on thatAbraham level instead of, which was lost by the Frenchmen. Thereupon the city had to 18. Septembers capitulate. She was surrendered by the peace of Paris of 1763 with completely Canada from France to Great Britain.

The USA tried to for their part in vain conquer in the year 1775 Québec.

ThoseCity remained the capital of Canada, until this function turned into 1857 at Ottawa.

present policy

in April 2001 was Québec host of the American summit, with which the American foreign trade zone Free trade AREA OF the of America was discussed. Here there were many protests.

Sincean incorporation at the 1. January 2002 covers the large city Québec 13 former municipalities, among them Sainte Foy, Beauport and Charlesbourg. This incorporation was criticized, since it partly happened against the will of the municipalities concerned. After a change of government in Québec the government party PLQ let a referendum accomplish 2004,in its consequence the cities L'Ancienne Lorette and Saint Augustin de Desmaures 2006 to become again independent to be supposed.

Québec counts eight Arrondissements since the incorporation:

  • La Cité
  • Les Rivières
  • Sainte Foy--Sillery
  • Charlesbourg
  • Beauport
  • Limoilou
  • La strike Saint Charles
  • Laurentien

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