the term quantification, not to confound with quantization, comes from latin quantity („like much, as large “) and means indication as numerical value.

One or more characteristics of an article or the condition of circumstances are reformulated in measurable sizes and numbers.

A condition is the definition of a quantifiable size and the indication of a quantification procedure. The comparability results from the application of the same procedure to different things/circumstances. Quantification makes the development and use of differentiated quantitative models of an area and thus cognitive controlled differentiate-purposeful acting possible, i.G. too intuitively controlled acting.

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] quantification in natural science and

technology in contexts of an experiment in natural science and technology thoseQuantification by measurement or computation from measured values. The subsection for it calls itself measuring technique.

Quantifiable sizes are for instance temperature, number of revolutions, speed, Kraft, Länge, Winkel, Durchfluss, Stromstärke, Spannung, Druck, Beschleunigung, Frequenz, Lichtstärke, Radioactivity. The measurement exists in the transformation into similar or digital electrical signals. The actual sensor is called sensor, the subsection for sensors thus sensor technology.

Representatives of classical behavior biology developed a “principle in such a way specified of double quantification” in the context of the instinct theory.

quantification in economics and politics

within ranges of the economy and policy often go it around decision bases and progress control, z. B. with innovations. Are after Hauschildt voucher? three proceedings and/or. Concepts possible:

  1. qualitative beginning, with that the estimate of success up(subjective) judgements one leads back by asked persons (manager, control persons, external experts);
  2. quantitative beginning, with which to exact result data (obtained increase in sales, profit etc.) as well as to “comprehensible computation algorithms “one falls back;
  3. semi quantitative beginning, its starting point a multiplicity of observation - Questioning - Items, which by means of factors - or to few types to be consolidated represents cluster analyses. Typical examples are the choice or the public opinion poll.

But a combination of these three beginnings mostly is necessarily, over an evaluation of the very different effects exactly, detailed and at the same time complexto be able to make. This is z. B. a research topic of the economical informatics.

quantification in the Geisteswissenschaften

Geisteswissenschaften such as psychology and sociology often try to seize attitudes and behavior of individuals or groups over quantitative models. Since human behavior strong variations is subjected,are these models of nearly always statistic nature and meet probability statements.



school certification notes are an example for the search for as objective a valuation criteria as possible. They are measured data, those instead of linguistically formulated evaluations being able and/or. the adaptability of Pupils and/or. Class participants to represent are.
Apart from the purpose to motivate the certification note makes the achievement of the pupils and/or. Apprentice comparably, in addition, of teachers or schools. Here at the same time the problems with quantification become clearly: Its remainder uncertainty (who would have itself not already once overunfair notes annoyed?) and the limitness of quantitative models (the characterisation of humans by some numbers) becomes never completely fair it.


the economics determines statistic numbers to the purchasing power or for the standard of living of a region, a people or individual groups (so-called. Source data).These can be raised relatively easily, say however to few z. B. over the quality of life of the individual citizens out. Around these to quantify a computation regulation would have to be indicated, much area for subjective evaluations is natural in which. Such become for instance in the context of product - and Consumer research. More interesting often also the dispersion of the data is, D. h. the standard deviation of the average.

A more meaningful quantification is often therefore the transition from primary data to secondary datas - z. B. the aggregation of results of individual counting ranking among average values and following analysis of variance.

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