the term quantization (of lat. quantitas - quantity), not to confound with quantification, means about „representation of a size in a system, in which it can take only discrete values “.

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measuring technique, signal processing

in the measurement physical dimension are often converted into similar electrical sizes. The transformation into a symbolic system with a limited dissolution is quantization. In former times it took place via reading off the measuring instrument and noting the read off value with the pencil. Thereby the measured values of a storage in tables and linkage became accessible by means of symbolic operations. Today the latter takes place practically only effected in computers and quantization from measured variables, naturally also by machine i.e. in an encoder. Here different errors arise like linearity errors and quantization noise. Quantization is thus apart from the scanning a step of the digitization (A/D transformation) of similar signals.

picture compression, video compression

is quantization a step here in the compression procedure. The data for instance the spatial frequencies are present already digitally, however in a high accuracy (bit number). In quantization a substantially lower number of values is permitted, which can beyond that be represented with fewer bits and a better condition for later compression stages to supply. Quantization takes place via roundness of the values. The number of quantization stages varies i. A. with the spatial frequency, which permits the more exact coding of the more reliable deep spatial frequencies. Also the distance of the quantization stages of a spatial frequency needs to be not even, but can for instance with increasing amplitude increase, in order to react on certain characteristics of the human perception.

quantum physics

here one understands the transition of a classical theory of physics to the appropriate quantum-theoretical representation by quantization, sees quantization (physics). This transition contains among other things that energy between systems can be exchanged only in quanta and that stationary systems discrete energy levels to exhibit.

digital music production

in software for the production of music (bspw. Stone mountain Cubase) one uses the term of quantization as time quantization and length quantization. During time quantization the notes are set automatically on a before specified time slot pattern. Inaccurately brought in clay/tone sequences can be put so exactly on the clock. During length quantization the clay/tone length is cut raster exact or extended.

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