Quantity corporation

quantity corporation is a US enterprise, which produces data memory devices (drive assemblies) and drives data memory media out.

Opened one 10GB quantity Fireball non removable disk

quantity developed and originally produced non removable disks. Particularly the Atlas series belonged around 1999 to the world-wide fastest SCSI - non removable disks. Quantity was at the time the second largest non removable disk manufacturer of the world. Already 1994 bought the “disk and tape division”, among other things also the DLT to quantity of the neighbour Digital Equipment corporation (both in Milpitas/California ) - magnetic tape technology. In October 2000 quantity sold surprisingly its non removable disk section at max gate and kept only the DLT section.

After long searches it comes out that quantity surprisingly holds a only one important patent, but only the world-wide trademark law at the whole DLT technology not and/or. Registered trade mark at the Logos “DLT and “SDLT”. The entire Lizenzierungsgeschäft with quantity is based only on the patent of Fujifilm on their ATOMM volume technology. Quantity and Fujifilm divide the marketing, however Maxell may manufacture this tape material without license costs. All different must pay at quantity. Imation (formerly 3M company) had lost a process against quantity 2002 and itself united with quantity allegedly in a friendly way and produced now as a third company world-wide DLT and S-DLT media.

Quantity came into the criticism, high demands for license on OEMs and/or. To place licensee. On the other hand stood and/or. precise control of many years of the quality of the drive assemblies as well as the tape material stands. Quantity bought toward end of the yearly 2004 the Tape Divison of Seagate (those was separated still briefly before and renamed to cerium tanks), in order to be able to offer also the LTO technology.

Quantity DLT technology enjoys a good reputation in the data processing concerning the reliability.

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