Quartet (music)

music ensemble
after number of persons
Duett / duo
Terzett / Trio
Oktett / double quartet

a quartet (of lat. quartus = “fourth”) is in the music a group of four implementing or a music piece for such a group.

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classical music

in the classical music is most frequent occupation the caper quartet with two violins, Viola and Violoncello. The most well-known examples of this occupation come from Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn (for example the emperor quartet) or Franz thrust ore. A Untergattung is brilliant quatuor, which is consisting in the reason a concert for violin with company of a Streichtrios of violin, Viola and Violoncello. A set of caper quartets Spohrs belongs to this category.

Besides there are also the piano quartet and different quartet formations with Bläsern, those usually as flutes quartet (flute with company of Streichern) and so on. are designated. Examples for this are:

of it to differentiate are Bläserquartette, which are written for 4 Bläser.

Sometimes one meets also works for a double quartet (for example of Louis Spohr). These are based - contrary to the Oktett - on the fact that two closed groups of sounds, i.e. two caper quartets, make music mutually with one another according to the principle of the Doppelchörigkeit.

In the largely occupied vowel music, particularly in the Oratorium, is the vocal Solistenquartett, consisting of Sopran, alto, tenor and bass, of importance.


in the jazz gives it numerous possibilities, how zusammensezten themselves a quartet can. Some examples are:

acquaintance of jazz quartets

  • decaying jazz Quartet (out: Spleen Jackson Quartet)
  • John Coltrane Quartet
  • Dave Brubeck quartet
  • Jerry Mulligan Quartet
  • Coleman Hawkins Quartet
  • Sonny roll in the Quartet

Barbershop quartet

in the Barbershop - singing always consists a quartet of four singers a sex. The ensemble divides into the voices tenor, Lead (the melody sings), Bariton and bass.

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