Queen Elizabeth national park

the Queen Elizabeth national park is in the south of Uganda because of the Lake Edward and Lake George. Admits is the “Mweya Lodge” on the Mweya peninsula at the “Kazinga channel”. There let themselves be observed above all river horses and pelicans, in addition, different Eisvögel, cry sea-eagle , Goliathreiher, Defassa of water supports, Uganda Kobs , African buffalos , elephants , lions and Zebramangusten.

The planting and animal companies cover the areas of life of the open savannah with acacias and kandelaber wolf milk, the rain forest, more closely papyrus - sumps, of Krater landscapes and - lakes, as well as the humid areas and waters of the Eduard lake. Therefore a particularly large diversity of species is to be determined in the park. Over 100 kinds of mammal and over 600 different kinds of bird support this. In the Maramagambo forest also different kinds of ape and giant forest pigs , in the south of the park, are to Kronenkraniche, which coat of arms birds of Uganda, and Topis to observe in the “Ishasha area”, can one. There lions have the habit to climb on trees. Also the “Crater AREA” is interesting, there prevails to grass country forwards. The Kraterseen and salt lakes appear every now and then rose-pink from the distance because of the high flamingo - existence.

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