Quett Masire

Sir Quett Ketumile Joni Masire (* 23. July 1925 in Kanye) was from 1980 to 1998 a president of Botswana.

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early years

Masire belongs to that Bangwaketse and is the oldest son of the chieftain of a small trunk. After its training as the teacher he worked from 1949 to 1955 to the Seepapisto Secondary School.


January 1962 it belongs to politicians to the founders of the Bechuanaland Democratic party,the later Botswana Democratic party (BDP), which governs the country since 1965. Until 1966 he was a first secretary of the party. As the party founders and prime minister Seretse Khama after the independence of the past Betschuanaland to 30. September 1966 president became, took over Masire the office of the vice-president,before it was Khamas deputy as a head of the government. A time long he was also a Minister of Finance. After death Khamas to 13. July 1980 was selected Masire from the parliament to the successor and stepped since office to 18. July 1980 on. During the three parliamentary elections during its term of officethe BDP could retain their dominating role. Politically it continued the line of its predecessor, whereby Botswana one of the most stable and economically most successful states of Africa remained. In the foreign policy the relationship to South Africa before abolishment of the apartheid was its most difficult problem. Attack of the South AfricanArmy from assumed Basen of the African national Congress brought it in June 1985 before the Security Council, did not let it however not to a break with South Africa come. 1991 it became by queen Elizabeth II. ennobled. In November 1997 he announced his resignation. Festus Mogae became at the 1. April 1998 its successor.

further career

for the organization for African unit (OAU) he took over 1998 the presidency of a commission of inquiry, which examined the genocide in Rwanda of 1994. 1999 was it as a choice observer with the parliamentary elections in Nigeria afterthe death of Sani Abacha. From 2000 to 2003 Masire took over the task to mediate in the democratic Republic of the Congo between the disliked parties of the civil war. Later he became a chairman that global Africa resource & Energy corporation (GAREK), a South African enterprise alsoSeat in sand clay/tone. Masire holds offices in further positions and frequently of universities world-wide than guest speakers is invited.


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