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Rémy Zaugg (* 11. January 1943 in Courgenay, law, Switzerland; † 23. August 2005 in Basel) was a Swiss architect and became known particularly as a concept artist .

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Rémy Zaugg was born 1943 in the jurassischen Courgenay as a descendant of Mennoniten. After the Abitur in Pruntrut it visited the college of arts and crafts Basel. Zaugg lived and worked in the Swiss Basel and French Pfastatt at Mühlhausen.

Zaugg busy itself in its puritanischen works with the perception, which examines a seeing in its different facets and makes an extension possible of consciousness. It created paintings, work on paper, sculptures in the public area, urbanistische analyses and architectural drafts. Its theoretical arguments, in particular the book “the art museum, which I dream of. Or the place of the work and humans " (1987) are today standard texts for art connoisseurs, art historians and art-creative. Time life Zaugg of everything that considered its environment given, placed it in question, was the speech of "" the philosopher artist ".

Interesssant and internationally considered was its co-operation with the architects duke & de Meuron, with whom he realized in the last years approximately 15 projects. Of Jacques duke - Pierre de Meuron sketched Studio Rémy Zaugg in Mulhouse Pfastatt was represented in the context of the award of the Pritzker price 2001 at H&deM.

Beyond its artistic activity it was a recognized Ausstellungsmacher and has for example the comprehensive Alberto Giacometti - retrospective of 1991 in Paris organized.

Zaugg suffered from a brain tumor and nevertheless to last worked; it died after short, serious illness in Basel.

exhibitions (selection)

  • 1972 Dedans Dehors, art museum Basel, Switzerland
  • 1977 Biennale de of Paris Paris, France
  • 1982 Documenta 7, Kassel, Germany
  • 1984 A Sheet OF PAPER, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 1989 a sheet paper, perzeptive sketches, or the emergence of a Bildwerks, works of 1973-89, Folkwang museum meal, Germany
  • 1990 Une feuille de paper, Musee Contemporain Lyon 1990
  • Biennale Sydney Sydney, Australia 1991
  • Alberto Giacometti, Musée d'Art d'art modern de la ville de of Paris Paris, France
  • 1992 Rémy Zaugg, Le Consortium Dijon, France
  • 1994 tablet Aveugles 1986-1991, modulo, Lisbon
  • 1995 duke & de Meuron, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, France
  • 1996 painting 1973-1994, Barbara largely gallery Munich, Germany
  • 1997 Rémy Zaugg, RETROSPECTIVE, a fragment, arts center Nuremberg Nuremberg, Germany
  • 1997 publicly Works, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 1998 Le Monde dit, the world speaks, synthesis of the arts in the Swiss federal administration building, Berne, Switzerland
  • 1999 I, I, sees., Barbara large gallery Munich, Germany
  • 1999 Rémy Zaugg, looks, you is blind, looks, arts center Basel, Switzerland
  • 1999 the XX. Century - one century art in Germany, national gallery Berlin, Germany
  • 1999 the XX. Century - one century art in Germany, national gallery Berlin/Rémy Zaugg, look, you are blind, look, arts center Basel
  • 2000 over death, arts center Berne, Switzerland
  • 2000 sense and Sinnlichkeit - body + spirit in the picture, new museum Weser castle Bremen
  • 2001 Architecture by duke & de Meuron, barrier painting by Rémy Zaugg, A work for Roche Basel
  • 2001 image. Recent Portraiture and Depiction, Steiri autumn, Graz
  • 2001 Nauman, Felix Gonzalez Torres and Zaugg in the liking Asia 3 in Stockholm.
  • 2002 About death II, kind Unlimited, kind 33, Basel
  • 2002 Nouvelle simplicité - kind „construit “et architecture suisse contemporaine, Espace de l' kind Concret in the Château de Mouans, Mouans Sartoux.
  • 2002 French Collection - rien ne press/slow and steady/festina lente/deuxième épisode, Musée D' kind modern et contemporain, Genève
  • 2002 IMAGINE, YOU of ACRES STANDING HERE IN FRONT OF ME, Caldic Collection, museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
  • 2002 Les of années 70: l' kind EN cause in the CAPC Musée D' kind Contemporain Entrepôt, Bordeaux.
  • 2003 why! , Martin Gropius building, Berlin.
  • 2003 Talking Pieces - text and picture in the contemporary art, urban museum Leverkusen lock Morsbroich, Leverkusen.
  • 2003 on Kawara: Consciousness, meditation, watcher on the hill, 2002 - Rémy Zaugg: De la mort II, 1999-2002, Le Consortium, Dijon.
  • 2003 Rémy Zaugg Works 1963-2003, gallery May 36, Zurich.
  • 2004 Barbara largely gallery, Munich
  • 2004 A-Z, Brooke Alexander Gallery, New York.
  • , Frac Lorraine, Metz mirror-image-guessed/advised 2004 White.

literature (selection)

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