Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy (* 5. July 1973 in Dublin) became as a singer of the English Duos Moloko admits. It had first no professional singing experience, became acquainted with however on a party Mark of Brydon , with which it created then Moloko. Within their first maintenance the set of “DO You Like My Tight Sweater fell? ”, which became then title 1995 published first Moloko of the album. Beside their work Murphy and Brydon had also a private relationship, which ended before the appearance of the last Moloko of album Statues in the year 2002.

To the work with Moloko Róisín Murphy, whose first name meant translated „small rose “, sang parallel also for other artists, thus for Handsome Boy Modeling School and Boris Dlugosch.

After four Moloko Studioalben took up Murphy in the year 2004 its first solo material as well as the producer Matthew harsh ore , which provided Remix for Moloko already before. The first photographs appeared first in limited edition exclusive on Vinyl: Sequins #1, Sequins #2 and Sequins #3. In the year 2005 then their debut appeared solo album Ruby Blue with Rough trade record and the single uncoupling If We're in Love.

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