Rüştü Reçber

Rüştü Reçber (* 10. May 1973 in Antalya) is a Turkish football - goal keepers. As common in Turkey it arises under its first name Rüştü.

It began its career with Antalyaspor. In the year 1994 it changed to the Turkish tradition club Fenerbahçe Istanbul. After nine successful years it went to Spain to the fiber plastic Barcelona, where coach franc Rijkaard used it however only rarely. In the summer 2004 it returned on borrowing basis to Fenerbahçe.

In the season 2005/2006 Rüştü lost its master place also due to an injury with Fenerbahce Istanbul and in the Turkish national team at Volkan Demirel.

Rüştü is since 1996 national goalkeepers and so far 103 international matches denied (conditions February 2005). 9 times was Rüstü Mannschaftskapitön of the Turkish national team. With the soccer world championship 2002 it reached the third place with the Turkish national team and to the secondarybest goal keeper of the tournament was selected.

stations as a player

07/91 - 06/94: Antalyaspor

07/94 - 06/03: Fenerbahçe Istanbul

07/03 - 06/04: Fiber plastic Barcelona

07/04 - 06/05: Fenerbahçe Istanbul


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