Ruediger Stenzel

Ruediger Stenzel (* 16. April 1968 in gel churches) is a German athlete and olympia participant, who were successful as 1500-Meter-Läufer into the 1990er years. Its largest success is the second place with the resounding world championship 1997.

1995 he became winner with the Europacup final.

It became 1994, 1997 and 1999 German master in the 1500-Meter-Lauf and 1996 German master in the short-distance CROSS run.

With its Bestzeit of 3:33,60 minutes in the 1500-Meter-Lauf it stood to the season end 2005 on place 5 of the eternal German good list.

The first important victory of its sportsman career had succeeded to it 1986 with the title of the German resounding master in the 800-Meter-Lauf.

Ruediger Stenzel belonged to that Sportverein TV cotton wool-separates on (coaches: Tono cherry tree). With a size of 1,80 m it had a match weight of 65 kg. 2002 it terminated its sportsman career. 2005 it became with the TV cotton wool-separates coaches for the obstruction range.

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