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of the Racing club de Paris (or briefly RC Paris) is one of the traditionsreichesten French soccer associations from the state capital. It has today its seat in Colombes (Département Hauts-de-Seine, ordinal number: 92) in that Paris Banlieue.

The association colors are sky blue and white; the league crew plays at present in the Stade Olympique Yves you Manoir, which exhibits a capacity of 7.000 places.

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was created history and

changes of name RC Paris 1882 under the name Racing club de France; the football department was added 1896 . Thus it ranks beside Le Havre AC, standard AC Paris and other one among the oldest soccer clubs of France. With introduction of the professional football (1932) the association designated itself in Racing club de Paris over; at the beginning of the play time, Racing club Paris Sedan called itself 1966/67 fused Racing with the CS Sedan and after dissolution of this one year's union again Racing club de France.
Starting from 1983 further renaming followed: 1983 (fusion with of Paris fiber plastic) again RC Paris, 1984 (for evasion of the advertising prohibition) Matra Racing still existing in France, 1991 (after return to the amateur camp) Racing 92, 1995 Racing club de France 92, and since 1999 he firmiert again under his today still valid name.

Racing had joined the oldest and the largest French federations, the USFSA, (see football in Frankreich#Anfangsjahre), in whose national play enterprise the association participated since 1897. 1907 became the “penguins” (so the most common designation by fans and press) its title carriers, besides 1902, 1903, 1908 and 1911 vice-masters.

The first final game participation created the master that Paris league 1902, pulled therein however against another traditional association of the French football, the Racing club Roubaix, with 3:4 the shorter one. The victory gate of the crew from the northern coal district fell in the 175. Play minute - at that time, as in Germany, also in France still one played to the end, until a winner was certain.

When into France 1932 a uniform professional league was inserted, Racing belonged to her naturally and remained until 1953 also in it - whereby between 1940 and 1944 France occupied zone and the formally independent remainder France into one of Germany was divided, thus no master for the whole country was determined.

league affiliation

professional status possessed the RC 1932-1966 and 1983-1990. First-class (division 1, since 2002 in Ligue 1 renamed) the club played 1932-1943, 1944-1953, 1954-1964, 1984/85 and 1986-1990. Since that time it oscillates between third and Viertklassigkeit - up-to-date it start in the CFA (group of B) , thus in the highest amateur league, the 4. League corresponds.


acquaintance player in past and present


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