Rem sleep

as rem sleep (REM, abbreviation for R apid E ye M ovement, also paradoxical sleep or desynchronisierter sleep) 1953 of Eugene a Aserinsky and his professor Nathaniel Kleitman at the University OF Chicago discovered sleep phase designated, those by fast eye movements, onelow tonus of the transversetouched musculature (heart, Zwerchfell and eye muscles remain left blank) and a certain Aktivationsmuster in the EEG - beta waves with a frequency from 13 to 30 cycles per second - is characterized.

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occurrences and duration

normal nocturnal expiration of sleep with rem phases

with adults takes the rem sleep about 20% to 25% of the Schlafes. At the beginning of the night only little time in the rem sleep is spent, for the end of the nightincrease frequency and expansion. Most dreams take place in this phase. Since 1960 white one that also in the Non REM sleep dreams occur, these attributes the dreamer however a smaller subjective meaning.

in different periods of life

to around the respectedLebensjahr is reduced the time of the rem phase of nine hours (after the birth) on approx. two hours. Afterwards there are no larger changes in the duration of this phase.


over the function of the rem sleep gives itself it many hypotheses also contradicting.Fact is that with withdrawal of the rem sleep the rem phases arise at the following nights in the sense of an Rebound effect increased. Many test subjects show an increased driveful behavior (increased hunger feeling, increased sexual and aggressive impulses, learning and concentration difficulties, memory problems), others tolerate also a long and nearly completeWithdrawal of the Rem Schlafes well. The fact that rats can die after two to dreiwöchigem complete rem sleep withdrawal shows first only that the results from bioassays will not transfer one to one to humans can. The rem sleep phase could with all mammals with exception of the dolphin, examined so far, andthe ant hedgehog belonging to the Schnabeltieren to be observed.

Probably the learning process is generally closely coupled to the rem sleep. Tasks in the impulse adjustment, data processing and stress accomplishment are discussed.

effects with rem sleep withdrawal

many test subjects with rem sleep withdrawal have straight with complex and newChallenges special difficulties - a fact, which plays straight for old humans a large role in their everyday life lives. The clinical meaning of sleep disturbances and their treatment particularly at the age is blamed thus underlined - on the other hand the uncritical administration by sleeping drugs also therefore, there this straightthose brain current activities suppress, which dominate in the rem sleep.

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