Wheel Worldcup

the Worldcup in the road cycle racing was one from 1989 to 2004 series of the most important ten a daily running of the season organized by the world cycle racing federation UCI and applied beside the UCI Weltrangliste as the most important cycle racing yearly valuation.

Predecessors of the wheel Worldcup as yearly valuation were the Challenge Desgrange Colombo (1948 to 1958) and the super prestige Pernod - valuation (1961 to 1987).

The wheel Worldcup was replaced by the UCI starting from the year 2005 by the so-called UCI pro route, within its frameworks apart from all past Weltcup running among other things also different stage running to be delivered.

Weltcup Radrennen

the Worldcup took place in two temporal periods:

Weltcup Gesamtsieger

the total valuation of the Worldcup was based on a point calculation. The victory with individual Weltcup running was recompenced with 100 points, second received 70, third 50 points. The 25. Place was evaluated with one point.

Paolo Bettini was with its three following each other victories from 2002 to 2004 the most successful Weltcup driver. With Eric Zabel (2000) and Olaf Ludwig (1992) could decide two Germans the Gesamtweltcup for itself.

team valuation

for the team valuation of the Worldcup those in each case three bestplatzierten drivers of a crew rated when each running. Since the second half of the 1990er years the Worldcup was determined considerably by Mapei. The team could decide altogether five times the team valuation for itself.


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