of these articles is limited to the radio as receiver. Radio in the extended sense treats the article sound broadcasting.

a radio (v. lat.: radius = the jet) is equipment to the receipt of radio endings, from one Radiosender over electromagnetic waves to be sent. The received information is converted essentially into sound, to a small part contains it of RDS - data such as transmitter identification and radio text.

In the high German it is called “” the radio derived, from the radio. In Südddeut, inthe Austrian colloquial language and in the Swiss one is “” the radios, derived from the radio set, likewise usual.

Modern radio

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broadcast recording equipment in the sense of the broadcast fee state contract is a technical mechanism, for the wireless or wire-bound, deferred hearing or Sichtbarmachung or recording by broadcast presentations (sound broadcasting and television) is not suitable.

On the basis the technology one differentiates among other things detector receivers, straight receivers and superheterodyne receivers.

Beside the special radio receiver, can sound broadcasting also with computers (Streaming audio and Internet radio) and Satellitenreceivern to be received.

The radio receiving element in a Stereoanlage is called Tuner, in combination with an amplifier Receiver. The car radio becomes also as synonym for the entireCar HiFi plant, frequently combined with a navigation system, uses.

Special radios are needed for the digital receipt of DAB and DRM. Over DVB-S, DVB-C and in few areas also over DVB-T will likewise transfer Hörfunksender digitally. For each of these techniquesbecomes a special receiver (Tuner and/or. Digitalreceiver) needs, whereby to the rendition of the tones if necessary. existing HiFi plants, PC loudspeaker, television sets, etc. to be used can. One then often speaks boxes of so-called “Settop” - (see also digital radio).

The so-called. Similar “SWITCH off”forces the consumer to acquire new radio receivers.

Over the pure transmission of Audiostreams outside, sound broadcasting wins large meaning with digital systems, like e.g. to the transmission of traffic telematics information (e.g. TMC or TPEG) or for the structured transmission of audio objects thoseinteractive use permit.

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