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radio Bremen is an institute of the public right (national broadcasting corporation) for the Land of the Federal Republic Bremen. It is the smallest broadcasting station in the Federal Republic of Germany and is member of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

Seat of the transmitter is Bremen. Here radio maintains Bremen a Hörfunkstudio in the local part “radio Bremen” (the official designation of the local part in the quarter weak living) and a TV studio in Bremen Osterholz. In Bremerhaven a Regionalstudio exists.

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1925 in Hamburg the “north German broadcast AG” (NORAG) was created. To 30. November 1924 took place the establishmentan intermediate transmitter in Bremen, which the NORAG supplied own transmissions.
1932 were put under state control the north German broadcast AG and one year later than “realm transmitter Hamburg” part of the largeGerman broadcast. It would send until 1945.

To 23. December 1945 announceditself “radio Bremen” as transmitters of the American crew with a program lasting several hours daily spread over medium waves. 1949 received the transmitter a German director and into an institute of the public right for the country Bremen were transferred. Was one year laterRadio Bremen initial member of the pool of broadcasting corporations. In the same year the transmitter could refer its new radio house at the Heinrich Hertzroad.

program history of radio Bremen

radio Bremen radiated one radio broadcasting program until 1952 only out (late radios Bremen 1 and/or.starting from 1968 “Hansawelle Bremen”). To 14. April 1952 started that 2. Radio broadcasting program over UKW radio Bremen 2, which was removed gradually to a fastidious program with cultural word contributions as well as classical and modern music (since 1982 were it full program and starting from 1. September 1992 a culture program).

Since 1962 radio Bremen supplies a 3prozentigen of late 2,5prozentigen portion to the pool of broadcasting corporations community program (today: First).

At the 1. November 1964 started radio Bremen its 3. Radio broadcasting program, radio Bremen 3, firstas immigrant worker program, starting from 1. January 1985 full program with lighter music, at the 1. September 1992 into a classical period wave transforms and starting from 4. September 1995 and/or. starting from 1. November 1998 a melody wave (radio Bremen melody) with emphasis regional information.

To 4. January 1965 started radio Bremen as well as north Germans broadcast (NDR) and the transmitter free Berlin (SFB) the third television program “north 3” (later also “N3 - north German television”, today: NDR television) for the countries Bremen, Hamburg, the SFB in October 1992 and its own television program ( B 1 separated Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin, from that; late SFB 1) radiated. The program N3 was removed step by step to the full program.

In the blanking gap of this programthe NDR as well as radio Bremen started to 30. September 1988 its regional videotex - offer under the designation “north text”. Since it led Decembers 2001 as “NDR text”, which firmieren information about offers of radio Bremen as “radio Bremen text”.

Within firstradio Bremen would send since 1980 its own regional program (“Buten un within “).

4. Radio broadcasting program of radio Bremen, radio Bremen FOUR, started at the 1. December 1986 as youth program with a high portion of skirt music, before it to 1. September 1992 was easily changed.

To 30. August 1998 started the West German broadcast (WDR) in co-operation with radio Bremen the radio broadcasting program radio house Europe as integratives offer for listeners of foreign origin and interested Germans in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Northwest Germany.The program is to be received since September 2001 in Bremen over UKW and short time also over medium wave. On the medium wave now Bremen sends unity.

To 30. April 2001 became “radio Bremen 3” (since 1995 “radio Bremen melody”) togethermerged Bremen Hansawelle” with “radio into the program Bremen unity. A half year later, at the 1. November 2001, started the northwest radio, a common radio broadcasting program of radio Bremen and NDR. In this program went past 2. Radio broadcasting program “radioBremen 2 " up.

Thus since 2001 by radio Bremen or under participation of radio Bremen four radio broadcasting programs are still radiated.

On the UKW frequency 95.0 MHz a fifth radio Bremen program is radiated. The parliament wave. Here the meetings becomeof Bremen the senate transfer. Otherwise over this frequency NDR info. one transfers. While at the beginning the RDS identification was still RB/NDR, it is now NDR info.

At the 1. January 2005 started the radio Bremen TV. Here since then the regional becomeContents of radio Bremen for Bremen and Bremerhaven radiated. Up to 31. Decembers 2004 were spread most regional contents in separate previous evening program in first. Radio Bremen followed thereby the harmonized program schema, which due to a new organizationin first had become necessary. Since 2005 become among other things Series and advertisement central played of one point with the HR in Frankfurt.

directors of radio Bremen

of programs

radio Bremen radiates aloneor together with other broadcasting corporations the following programs out:

radio broadcasting programs

television programs

radio Bremen on-line

as third selling column and own emphasis by program tapes radio Bremen also Internet. Asone of the first institutes for pool of broadcasting corporations gives radio to Bremen 1995 on-line ( Today the own zehnköpfige on-line editorship cares for an extensive Internet offer, which accompanies the radio and television programs and sets own accents. In addition by Internet all four radio waves are live toohear (Stream). The regional magazine Buten un within is to be seen also by Web. Furthermore numerous transmissions are spread by Podcast. In addition nearly around the clock regional messages are spread in the Internet.


1999 radio operated transmitting plantsBremen in Bremen Leher field a transmitting plant for UKW, MW, KW and TV with 3 transmitting poles and KW - an antenna. However this plant for reasons of the electromagnetic environmental compatibility had to be shut down and torn off.

As replacement for thoseUKW and TV-transmitters became on the telecommunication tower Bremen (owner: German Telekom AG) appropriate transmission mechanisms installs. Since that 24. May 2004 is radiated there the TV program over DVB-T.

For the medium-wave transmitter working on the medium wave frequency 936 kHz became in Bremen upper new ground a new transmitting plant with round spray characteristic establishes. As antenna serves a broken prism aerial, which is fastened to a 45 meters high, removed, grounded steel framework mast. This transmitting antenna possesses a profit of 4,5 railways, it causes thus that 50 installed there Kilowatt of transmitters with a ERP of 140 kilowatts sends.

Besides radio Bremen operated also still another transmitting plant for UKW and TV in Bremerhaven. This was given up in the year 2000, since becomes the Bremerhavener frequencies of radio Bremen of Telekom- Tower in ship village radiated.

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