Wheel running drivers

wheel running drivers are sportsmen, who participate in Radrennen. In former times usual distinction in professionals and amateurs does not give it today any longer, since the amateur status was abolished into the 1990er years by the cycle racing world union UCI.

Professional wheel running drivers are organized in teams, which are gesponsort by enterprises. ThoseDrivers wear running clothing with the label of the sponsor, from whom they refer their content.


in the past individual top-class sportsmen were successful such as Fausto Coppi or Eddy Merckx in the situation, over the entire season both when a daily running and when stage runningto be. Today the very different requirements of the different Radrennen led to an increasing specialization of the wheel running drivers. The best wheel professionals prepare today usually for few season running, with whom they would like to lie as far as possible in front. This method of a selective concentration became particularly clearon few high points with Lance Armstrong. Seven the route winner specialized to be with the route de France in Topform and practically exclusively saw the remaining running of the season as training.

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classification of wheel running drivers as rough rasterspecialized types of point wheel running drivers differentiate, without being able to ensure thereby however a clear allocation of each individual running driver.

  • Classical author specialists (also called classical author hunters) concentrate on heavy, long a daily running. They have strengths with shorter upward gradients, often combined with good Sprintfähigkeiten. Well-known classical author hunters were for instance thoseBelgians Rik van Looy and Rik van Steenbergen, present specialists are Tom Boonen (Bel) and Paolo Bettini (Ita).
  • Mountain specialists (also “climbing specialist”) have their strengths on long upward gradients in the high mountains, which particularly when long stage running in the program. Contrary to the Sprintern, thoserather of strong Statur are, are often very easy and schmächtig mountain drivers. Well-known mountain drivers are Federico Bahamontes (Spa) and Charly Gaul (lux) as well as in recent time Marco Pantani (Ita) and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Virenque (Fra).
  • Sprintspezialisten (short: “Sprinter”) are in the situation, for short time extremely highTo reach speeds, what they use for a goal print, in order to drive out a victory, if a large driver field achieves the goal straight line together. The dominant factors Sprinter of the 1990er years were Mario Cipollini (Ita) and for Eric Zabel (D), as their successors Alessandro Petacchi ( Ita) and Tom Boonen apply (Bel).
  • Time driving specialists are able to hold a high speed over a longer distance which particularly benefits them when time driving. A prototypischer pure time driver was Christopher Boardman.

Those round travel specialists finally form the favorite circle for the total victory of a large round travel, bothgood time and mountain drivers are and besides very well in shortest time regenerate can. This balance Lance Armstrong (the USA ) and January Ullrich (D) succeeded last best. The last driver, who could combine all strengths in itself, specified above, was the Belgian Eddy Merckx: It won round travels, a daily running, mountain groping, mass print and time driving.

However the aids, that are called water carriers or Domestiken, place in terms of figures largest part of the wheel running drivers. They have crucial for the point drivers out of their crew in none of the ranges specified above special qualities, carry howeverAid services. They donate the favorite lee, increase the speed to catch over contractors or outliers and supply the point drivers with beverages of the team vehicle.

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