the Rah (also Raa or Rahe) is a component of the Takelage of a sailing boat.

die Rahen des Großmastes einer Brigantine
the Rahen of the grossmastes of a Brigantine

it is a sail-basic round timber (Spiere), which is arranged with its center horizontally at the front of the mast attached and transverse to the driving direction. At thisTransverse bar is fastened the Rahsegel. Rahen and masts can consist also of steel tube.

The Rah is turned by means of braces around the mast (gebrasst), until the Rahsegel stands for maximum propulsion optimally for wind direction and produced. Strictly speaking it means to consider braces that thatCurrent profile of the wind close of the water surface decreases, so that the optimal adjustment of superimposed Rahen results in an easily spiral arrangement.

To setting, mountains or Reffen of the sail sufficiently many persons (Toppsgasten) on the fusspferd stand, in regular intervals at the Rah hung up, On the belly formed shoe paragraphs lean and are rope as well as secured with snap hooks over the Rah through according to. The gereffte or saved sail is merged under the Rah. In the cam (ends) of a Rah this work requires most muscle employment. Also for the Rahsegel there are Schoten; differently than with Schratsegeln the Schoten are with the Rahsegel also an additional assistance for setting and saving the sail. Further names for cordage of this type of sail are Geitau and fermenting things. With the Geitauen one helps to catch up the Toppsgast from deck the sails again,while a kind Reffeinrichtung (Reffen) represents the fermenting things (not with all Rahsegeln available).

The Rahbesegelung was common up to the Middle Ages in the northern regions. In the Mediterranean and in the Arab regions were rather the so-called. Lateinertakelung (Schratsegel) at the agenda. Withthe scientific processing of the sail technology the meaningful combination of the two principles accompanied. As example can for this the Rahschoner, which is called Brigantine or the Schebecke.

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