Rainer George Köttstorfer

Rainer George Köttstorfer (* 2. August 1981 in rose home) is a German ice hockey player (defender) and plays with the Krefeld penguins in the DEL.

sporty career/development

Köttstorfer (links) zusammen mit Franz Fritzmeier sen.
Köttstorfer (left) together with Franz Fritz Meier sen.

The defender, who is to be begun however also than Stürmer, gained first experiences on a higher level with the young eagle Mannheim, for which it accumulated in the season 1999/2000 in the upper league north. Here it delivered quite good achievements for a 19-jährigen and could in 41 portions with 7 gates and 14 points good statistics reach. Also was it, which for a player of its size is rather unusual, since these are used rather for the body play to find only very rare and had only 20 minutes serve in the punishing bank.

Already before its young eagle time it could be recommended by good achievements in its youth team for international consecrations. With 17 years it participated 1999 in the U-18 world championship. Here it brought it on 6 employments, in which it could not score however and as only statistic work proof 6 punishing minutes exhibits. In the summer 2000 it made a decision, which should bring it further forward in its whole play. He dared the step, which still very few German talents on itself take, and played to summers 2002 in America. It could get accustomed with the Valley junior Warriors in the EJHL, an American junior league, already once to the North American coined/shaped ice hockey, which is maintained also in the DEL.

With these experiences it was for the entrance into the highest German league ready and signed in the season 2002/03 a contract with the Schwenninger game Wings. Here he, after after financial problems yokes Molling had in particular left the team direction Hamburg , became adequate defender. With rather defensively coined/shaped play it could quite convince and came in the long run on 48 DEL Matches. He obtained its first and so far only DEL gate just against the KEV, when he in the Heimspiel the game Wings contributed the honour hit with 7:1 KEV victory. Two collecting mains screwed its yield on 3 points at only 18 punishing minutes and its balance of -10 counted in the weakest team of the main round to the best values. Additionally it brought it on 6 employments in Play downs, where it could obtain no points, but by good achievements also in addition contributed that Wings could hold the game sensationally against substantially better occupied Frankfurt Lions sportily the class. However the economical followed out by bankruptcy proceedings already opened after the season and the town team from the Black Forest began the course into the second-classness. Köttstorfer wanted to have however further the chance in the DEL and changed in such a way with a KEV promotion license to the EV Duisburg.

To beginning of season of the yearly 2003/04 he got then also ice age in Krefeld. Butch Goring used it in the fourth storm and beorderte it in the majority play before the gate. In this role - the latter in particular - it was able to quite convince and the sporty line it would only too gladly have kept, but treaty system did not confess to the EV Duisburg the first rights to and on sides of the foxes was determined one, a so good to let German Defender pull combatless. Thus he was used in this play time almost exclusively in the second league . In 47 employments it shot eight gates and gave 13 gate collecting mains for 21 points. In addition it put one gate and two points again in 4 Playoffspielen drauf and proved with the fact that it is quite also able to score. With the fact it remains surprising that he had to serve only 50 minutes in the punishing bank also further despite his size, which actually predestines him as a physical player.

All of this was reason of enough for Franz Fritz Meier, the sporty director/conductor of the Krefeld of penguins to finally get it to the season end after Krefeld. Here it was taken into account as firm defenders and came in the long run on 50 employments into the DEL. Its contract runs up to the end of the season 2005/2006.

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