Rainer Eppelmann

Rainer Eppelmann
Rainer Eppelmann

Rainer Eppelmann (* 12. February 1943 in Berlin) was GDR - oppositional and is today CDU - politician.

After the abort West Berlin of a high school in the 11. Class because of the building of the Wall it completed a technicians training as a bricklayer. Because it 1966 the serviceat the weapon and also the vow as a building soldier so mentioned had refused, it as Totalverweigerer to eight months prison was condemned.
Rainer Eppelmann terminated its theology study at the citizens of Berlin theological technical school Paulinum 1974 with the first and second exam. Afterwards Rainer Eppelmann worked asEvangelist minister and engaged itself in the GDR opposition. It was initial member and late chairmen of the democratic departure (THERE) and 1990 member central rounding of the table. Of 18. March up to their dissolution to 2. October 1990 it was member of the people chamber of the GDR, Minister without division in the cabinet of Hans Modrow and then Ministers for disarmament and defense in the cabinet of Lothar de Maizière. With the fusion of the SINCE with the CDU in August 1990 it became member of the CDU. In addition it became member in that CDA (employees-rights faction of the union), until December 1993 as deputy Federal leaders of the CDA.

Of the first all-German choice to 2. December 1990 was Eppelmann member of the German on federaldaily and remained this up to the election to the Bundestag 2005, with which it did not stand as a candidate any longer. It became forthe like a Christian democratic union of Germany (CDU) selected over a direct mandate of the constituency 277 in Brandenburg. In the Bundestag he was a chairman of the Enquête commission for the processing of the history and the consequences of the SED - dictatorship. Since its establishment 1998 is it honorary chairmen of the executive committee of the donation toProcessing of the SED dictatorship. Likewise since 1998 Rainer Eppelmann member is in the presidency of the CDU. It is besides member of the adviser of the BStU.

A brand name Rainer Eppelmanns is its pronounced “citizens of Berlin lip”, a carefully cultivated proletarian Idiom, with which it its people solidarity to the expressionbrings.

Rainer Eppelmann is married and has five children.

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  • rebellionbehind the wall - fight for liberty of opinion. ARD/2005. Book and direction:Torsten would sit.

Contents: The minister Rainer Eppelmann, the rain eating urine Freya Klier, the singer-songwriter Stephan Krawczyk and the civil rights activist Ralf deer: DDR-Bürger rehearse in the middle of the 80's the Auftstand, the rebellion behind thatWall. They take the rights embodied in the GDR condition literally and call them in from the government. But reacts with hardness. The SED looks for a pretext to loose-will the these simmering ducks. In January 1988 the unit party slams shut. Many civil rights activists are arrested and into the westpushed away. From the point of view of the main figures Stephan Krawczyk, Freya Klier, Ralf deer and Rainer Eppelmann the film tells the history of the GDR opposition in the middle of the 80's; it tells of a rebellion behind the wall, to a certain extent of „the turn before the turn “. The irony of historyit wants that these procedures are come into oblivion by the short time „large turn occurring later “of 1989 and by the case of the wall to a large extent - although they made nevertheless many of the following changes only possible.


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