Rainer W. Sourly

Rainer Wolfgang sour (* 1. December 1958 in open brook at the Main) is a German journalist, Kabarettist and a electronics musician.

Became sour into the 1980er years particularly by the radio ending of the hessian broadcastsound of the Synthesizer “and the music project VELVET of UNIVERSITY VERSES admits.


sour was born 1958 as a son of a fitter and a Kindergärtnerin. Already in its youth it wrote mixed Folkmusikprogramm for a school newspaper glosses and arose starting from 1976 with most diverse opportunities with a German/English. As a singer of the Frankfurt Politrockband assembly-line it went to 1978/79 with own texts and acoustic guitar under the title “leader lot” on its first reader ice through the Federal Republic. 1980 it began its journalistic activity.

Into the 1980er years dedicated himself the diplomierte administrative landlord to his second artistic field: the electronic music. Already as 15jähriger sour had after the defaults of the technical periodical 'radio-looks itself 'a first Synthesizer built. With its volumes 'Velvet university verse “it was at the same time internationally successful, whereby its album “Enigmas was represented” altogether 26 weeks into the Top10 of the Melody Maker 'Synthesizercharts. Starting from 1983 he worked as free coworkers for different Hörfunksender.

After study and state examination to the diploma administrative landlord 1983 Sauers radio work began, first for an Italian Radiosender and at 1984 then also for the hessian Rundfunk/HR. The transmission moderated by it „sounds of the Synthesizer “became far beyond Frankfurt the cult, its talent talentschmiede „new people needs the country “brought volume as for instance Camouflage („Love is A shield “) in the footlights and led considerably to the emergence of the Rhine Main Technoszene (Talla 2XL, SNAP! , Jam & Spoon). 1989 brought the project Mayday („Holiday on the Beach “) to sour in running, after he had already organized the Frankfurt Synthesizertage White Waves between 1986 and 1989.

Since 1991 the married father of two daughters in Jena lives. There it developed the local radio broadcasting program radio Jena and began again with its literary work. 2002 participated its play “oak leaves” in the competition at the Jakob Michael Reinhold spring price for drama TIC. Before sour for its Dokumentarhörspiel “9 received already two years. November 1989 " the TLM Hörfunkpreis, the public workers' union radio price and a nominating for the French-German Journalistenpreis/DFJP.

Since 2001 Rainer undertakes W. Sourly again reader iron as literary Kabarettist, whereby it always the Philicorda - organ of Hanns Dieter Hüsch also thereby has for which it „long the Hanns Dieter Hüsch night in the radio “on the occasion of Hüschs 80. Birthday conceived and after its death the retrospective “and it moves us still! - Memories of the black sheep of the Niederrhein " arranged. 2005 organized sour for the Jenaer Friedrich Schiller university a large short Tucholsky evening, to its 70. Day of death, which became to transfer in sound broadcasting.

literary kabarettistische programs

  • 1978 leader lot
  • 2001 on the way in things Kilian
  • 2002 think-come-read out
  • the correction of the view orphans 2004
  • the last reading to 2003
  • 2005 hopelessly hope-fully
  • 2005 where remain Hüsch?
  • 2005 I do not eat my Döner
  • 2006 100 days in 3 weeks
  • 2006 Main open brook - memories of a small large city
  • 2006 Jeena - my small närrisches nest

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