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Rainer Werner barrel binder (* 31. May 1945 in bath Wörishofen, Bavaria; † 10. June 1982 in Munich) was a German director, film producer and an author.

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lives and work

the son of a physician and a translator buildup after divorce of his parents as an only child with his nut/mother. At the age of 16 yearsbroke off barrel binder the school and pulled to its father to Cologne.

Early it began to become enthusiastic for films (to its favourite films belonged Kalina Krasnaja of Wassili Schukschin), however went being desire to study at the film university notin fulfilment. After two-year private play training he tried to take the national play examination unsuccessfully into Munich. Between 1965 and 1967 barrel binder partner Christoph Roser produced its first Kurzfilme “that city strike ago” and “the small chaos”. 1967 became barrel binder as a director andEnsemble member with the “act ion theatre” taken up. He co-operated also with various free groups of theatres. From this to be “Antiteatercame out. For this group (also Hanna Schygulla, later Protagonistin of its most successful films, was member of this group of theatres) it wrote in the years 1968 to 1971 most of its plays.

Affected by Jean Luc Godard and the US-American Kriminalfilmen by John Huston, Raoul Walsh or Howard Hawks, but particularly of the Melodramen by Douglas Sirk, it began with its groupto realize the first film projects. Thus developed the peculiar crime film love is colder than death (1969) and in the same year Katzelmacher. It verquickte the work of the theatre consistently with that of the film making. Thus developed between 1969and 1971 numerous plays, but also in very short time did not only produce alternative films.

Barrel binder always surrounded itself with one of it as clan designated group, which served it as family replacement and lightning conductor for aggressions. Into this group integratedit also its male partners. From 1970 to 1972 barrel binder was married with the actress and singer Ingrid Caven, for which it also some chanson - texts wrote (e.g. Everything from leather, Friday in the hotel, Nietz, the roadsstink). Besides it had a relationship with the double father El Hedi ben Salem.

The years 1971-1974 place fear with films like the bitter tears of the Petra of Kant (1971, ) eat soul on (1973), the gay drama law of the jungle thatLiberty (1974), with theatre direction in Bochum and Frankfurt and the play “the garbage, the city and death” (1974) the high point of its work. Latter piece gave thereby in and the 80's 70's cause for differently motivated critics, e.g. Joachim celebration, Ignatz Bubis, Salomon grain, Friedrich Uttitz, to accuse barrel binders of of the Antisemitismus. One of the figures is a real estate speculator, in whom observers believed to recognize Ignatz Bubis. 1976 did not film Swiss director Daniel forge that yetspecified piece under the title shade of the angels (with barrel binder in a main role as well as Ingrid Caven, Klaus Löwitsch, Annemarie Düringer, Boy Gobert, Irm Hermann). A first production at the play Frankfurt became into the 1980er yearsby demonstrators prevented, in the piece the anti-Semitic plate publicised by the “rich Jew” saw and as protest the stage occupied. Further plans to show the piece in Germany were withdrawn after protests. On the other hand the piece in Israel was producedand without protests specified. It remained to a large extent unnoticed that shade of the angels was shown several times in the German television, without protests moved and/or. any consequences of the radiant emittance became obvious.

Since 1972 barrel binder began to develop its film language consistently further andthe films became larger and more professional. When participant of the Berlinale he became in the following years by the criticism in highest tones praised, however ignored of the respective juries. Only with its next to last film the longing of the Veronika Vossit won the golden bear. Beside its film work barrel binder engaged itself also in the theatre. In the years 1972 and 1973 he produced at the Schauspielhaus in Bochum. A two-year period followed in Frankfurt theatres at the tower (ACT).

Barrel binder created into the 1970er years some the most fascinating woman characters of postwar film history: Maria Braun and Lili Marleen, in each case easily of Hanna Schygulla or Lola, easily of Barbara Sukowa wrote themselves into the film history, and which actor inside achievedWorld fame, which made it for them possible to pursue a career independent of barrel binder.

Television history it wrote with its aufwändig produced multi-divisor Berlin Alexanderplatz after the novel of Alfred Döblin, later in the cinema, usually with festivals and retrospectives, than 15 ½ - hour Marathonone showed.

1974 became a young butcher Armin Meier of barrel binder of loving. It, that is to be seen in barrel binder episode for Germany in the autumn and plays itself, took itself 1978 the life. From 1978 to his death 1982 livedBarrel binder with the Cutterin Juliane Lorenz together. It died in Munich during the work on the cut to its last film Querelle after a piece of stage of Jean Genet at the age of only 37 years at an overdose cocaine. Occasionally expressed Rumors over an alleged Suizid could be never verified.

Rainer Werner of barrel binder urn was buried at the Bogenhausener cemetery in Munich.

Lives and work were to be separated for barrel binders often no longer. Surely this is the part of an explanationbut, why barrel binder turned 40 films in a short period of 13 years up to its death as a director.

The 1978 in away Lauderdale (Florida) closed marriage with Juliane Lorenz were not recognized after German right, and barrel binderInheritance fell therefore to parents of the actor. Its nut/mother Liselotte Eder transferred it 1986 of its created Rainer Werner barrel binder Foundation (RWFF), which transferred it 1992 at Juliane Lorenz. The Foundation is owner of all rights on barrel binder deduction,including all later acquired rights.


of pieces of stage

  • of anarchy in Bavaria
  • The garbage, the city and death film u.d.T. To La sombra de Los Angeles 1976, see “F. as an actor "
  • drop on hot stones
  • the coffee house (after Goldoni)
  • Katzelmacher
  • Preparadise sorry now
  • of Bremen liberty
  • blood at the neck of the cat
  • the burning thingVillage
  • the bitter tears of the Petra of Kant

radio plays

barrel binder as actors

  • 1967 · Tony of friends
  • 1968 · The bridegroom, the Komödiantin and the Zuhälter
  • 1969 · Alarm
  • 1969 · Aluminium Capone in the German forest
  • 1970 · Baal
  • 1970 · Freely toto the next
  • 1971 · Mathias Kneissl
  • 1971 · La repentina riqueza de loosely pobres de Kombach (the sudden wealth of the poor people of the Kombach) · Direction: Peoples Schlöndorff
  • 1973 · Super Girl
  • 1973 · Fear eat soul up
  • 1973 · La ternura de loosely lobos (the tenderness of the wolves) · Direction: Ulli Lommel
  • 1976 · La sombra de Los Angeles (shade of the angels) · Direction: Daniel Schmidt film version to “the garbage, the city anddeath ", see “pieces of stage”
  • 1982 · Kamikaze 1989 - Feature, Germany 1982 (105 min.), direction wolf Gremm after the novel murder in 31. Stick of by Wahlöö.


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