Ralf Bartels

Ralf Bartels (* 21. February 1978 in Malchin, Germany), German athlete, who celebrated largest successes so far with in each case a third place in the ball pushing with the athlete IC European championship 2002 in Munich and with the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki its.

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Bartels starts for the sports club new Brandenburg and trains there under Gerald miner. It is 1.86 m largely and weighs 125 kg. The moreover one he is a soldier in the group of sport promotions of the German Federal Armed Forces.


  • 1995: 4. Junior European championships
  • 1996: Junior world champion
  • 1997: Junior European champion
  • 1999: 6. U23-Europameisterschaften, German junior master
  • 2000: 7. German championships, German junior master
  • 2001: German vice-master, 4. Europacup, participant world championships, 4. German resounding championships
  • 2002: 3. European championships, 4. Europacup, German master, German vice-resounding master
  • 2003: Resound Europacup winner, 5. Place Europacup, German master, German resounding master
  • 2004: 8. Olympic plays, German master, German resounding master
  • 2005: 3. World championship, Europacup winner, German master

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