Ralf Schmitz

Ralf Schmitz (* 3. November 1974 in Leverkusen) is a German Comedian and actor. It belonged four years long to the ensemble of the improvisation theatre the jumping mouse in Bonn . Since then one sees it on the television and in the cinema.

2003 he was selected to the newcomer of the yearly with the German Comedypreis 2003, nominated the moreover one he for the rose D' Or and the German television price. In the year 2004 Schmitz at the side of Comedian Otto Waalkes in the cinema comedy of 7 dwarves was to be seen.

Since 2004 Ralf Schmitz belongs to the skeleton crew of the Impro Comedy Schillerstrasse with SAT.1 and is quite often with ingenious beside it to guest.

2005 it was nominated with the German Comedypreis in the category of best ones German Komiker and won with the Schillerstrasse in the category best one German Impro show.

At present it tourt with its stage program Schmitz comes raus! by the republic. Since 13. January 2006 is to be seen on SAT.1 also a achtteilige television expenditure of its program.

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